7 Reasons Why He's No Longer Romantic Like He Once Used to Be

7 Reasons Why He's No Longer Romantic Like He Once Used to Be

You know there's a lot of love between you two. But you really wish he'd be more forthcoming with passion and fun too.

It's been a while since you've seen the man who used to court you with flowers, chocolates, and romantic dates. Over the past few years, both of you have reached a place where just being with each other is comfortable. But sometimes, you can't help but wonder where the romance has gone. The passion is dead and that worries you. You've probably even scoured through various articles that tell you that your partner no longer loves you. 

However, there might be other reasons he's not as "romantic" as he used to be and it might have nothing to do with him not loving you. 

1. He thinks he knows everything about you already

It's only natural that after years together, you both know each other really well. And that might be why he doesn't think he needs to learn anything more about you. He might not think that your likes and dislikes could have changed and wouldn't feel the need to find out. 

2. He's gotten lazy and complacent in the relationship

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Initially, it was both of you putting all your effort into building a quality relationship. Yet somehow, that onus started to fall more on you and less on him. You don't expect him to always be giving you things, but you do expect that he put in some effort. It might even be best for you to take a step back just so that he knows not to take you for granted. 

3. He doesn't think he needs to compliment you anymore 

At this point in your relationship, because of how comfortable he is with you even in silence, he might assume that you already know that he loves you. But he doesn't realize that you enjoy being appreciated and complimented. 

4. He's more concerned with helping you out with chores

You love that he's ready to help you out around the house but would it kill him to take you out on a date? Just a simple outing or even a romantic dinner that would bring back the spark that brought you two together in the first place. But he's just more concerned with making sure that you don't bear the weight of the chores on your own.

5. He prioritizes other responsibilities over your emotional needs

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Both of you have a lot of responsibilities to shoulder. But where you understand the need for taking care of emotional wellbeing as well, he might think that other responsibilities are more urgent and important. In trying to care for you and your family, 'responsibility' is overshadowing any sense of romance he might have had before. 

6. He doesn't realize you've changed and there's more to you

Much like he thinks he knows everything about you already, he hasn't observed you evolve into the woman you are today. For him, you are still the same woman who he fell in love with at the beginning of your relationship. It's the reason why he doesn't make that effort to take you out and get to know the strong, mature woman you've become. 

7. He's lost interest in all things passionate and playful

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Gone are the days when you could talk about anything under the sun and heated discussions ended in laughter. Now, it's more like he prefers the comfortable silence. Even conversations have become mundane and less passionate.  

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