Let's Put an End to Animal Cruelty Because Life-Size Holograms Are Here to Create a Magical Circus!

Let's Put an End to Animal Cruelty Because Life-Size Holograms Are Here to Create a Magical Circus!

The recent film Dumbo had highlighted how cruel circuses can be for animals, and now, a positive change is already showing.

The colorful pitched tents and the animal smell with crowds cheering while children run around with candies is how you probably remember circuses. The main attractions for the night were probably the exotic elephants and lions performing tricks to a delighted crowd.

But at the end of the show, you were allowed to walk back home with your family while the animals were forced back into their cages in shackles thousands of miles away from their families...

Now, a German circus has broken stereotypes to stop animal cruelty in the name of entertainment and replaced animals with holograms. The Circus Roncalli, which was set up in 1976, now uses 11 projectors, lasers, and lenses to create the holographic elephants, horses, and monkeys under the big tent, according to Inspire More. While people had once lost interest in circuses, efforts like Cirque Du Soleil have breathed new life to the medium. 


Activists have breathed a sigh of relief as the animals, which are the most abused and mistreated in circuses, are being set free from what would otherwise be a cruel future for them. The animals created by using technology are magical and lifelike at the same time. They are definitely easier to control and require no maintenance. 


In the 1990s, they gave up on using all animals but domestic horses and more recently, they use no animals at all. Now trapeze artists and clowns will be joined by these works of art at the world's first holographic circus show. The troupers have combined tradition and modernity to create a new kind of performance art. Now, people can enjoy a good show and be happy that they are not harming any creatures in doing so. 


Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International, hopes that soon forced animal performances will be a thing of the past, according to InspireMore. “This is the future of circus — a performance everyone can enjoy and for which intelligent, sentient beings are not used and depicted as objects of entertainment,” he said. 

The 3D holographic images from fill the circus arena measuring 32 meters wide and 5 meters deep with 360° visibility for the entire audience. Katja Burkard, a TV Presenter from Germany said, “I find the hologram very contemporary – especially the fact that there are no animals involved is very good", according to the official website. They will be performing in Hamburg between June 7 and July 14th.  


Recently, the animated film Dumbo brought attention to animal abuse in circuses. Activists have been asking big circuses to end their use of elephants in the show as training them is a cruel and violent method that can't definitely be shown in a film meant for kids. The real-life elephant, who inspired the initial Disney film, had undergone a lot of stress. His handler, Matthew Scott, actually had said that he would calm the tusker down with alcohol, according to Refinery 29






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