Watch This Rare Footage of John Denver and Johnny Cash Singing "Country Roads" | A Must for Your Travel Playlist

Watch This Rare Footage of John Denver and Johnny Cash Singing "Country Roads" | A Must for Your Travel Playlist

The beloved song, 'Take Me Home, Country Roads', has been on people's minds since it was released. Seeing two legends perform it together makes it all the more iconic.

It's not often that we get to see two musical legends from yesteryears perform together. Recently, rare footage of John Denver and Johnny Cash singing Take me home, country roads has resurfaced and the video has gone viral. 


John Denver's song has made a mark across the world. It was originally written for the iconic musician Johnny Cash but Denver heard it first. The song was written by hit songwriting pair, Bill Danoff and then-wife Taffy Nivert. They had written I Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado, which was a hit for John Denver, as well. While the song talks about West Virginia, the famous pair had not been there before writing the song. 

They were inspired to write the song after a family reunion at Nivert's relatives home near Clopper Road, Maryland, according to Wideopencountry.com. Danoff began singing about the winding roads on which they were driving.


The pair had performed with Denver at a club in D.C. called the Cellar Door. One night after a show, the trip started jamming together, which is when they played it for him even though they planned to sell it to Johnny Cash. When Denver heard the song he loved it. They stayed up all night fine-tuning the lyrics and created a masterpiece. 

Denver sang it in 1971 at the club before its official release and received a five-minute standing ovation for it. Since 1972, the song has been played at every West Virginia University Football game.  The state's tourism office bought the rights to the song in 2017 and has made it completely their own theme song. 


In the video, Denver and Cash are also jamming together on the guitar and singing the iconic song. Denver's tenor voice and Cash's earthy baritone make it a perfect duet. Their voices completely balance each other. The duo can be seen performing together at a grassy farm. The iconic singers are dressed in their quintessential attire -- Denver in a paisley blue button-down and Cash in all black, according to Classic Country Music

Even though it was Denver's song, he let Cash have many of the significant lines. The deep vocals of the latter paired with the former's high-pitch during the chorus; they created a beautiful harmony for listeners that can't be erased from our memories. 


If you're planning to go on a road trip, this song is a perfect addition to the travel playlist. The description of the "old country roads" would inspire you to go down virgin paths and explore the countryside of the US. 

You can listen to the song here: 


People have reacted to the beautiful rendition of the song with comments like "Was this recorded in heaven?" and "We don't deserve this one either." One person said, "Okay, but John Denver sang harmony on his own song to let Johnny Cash take the spotlight. That, my friends, is class" while another said, "The voice of johnny cash will never get old and never cease to ease my nerves." 




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