10 Herbs That Can Be Grown Easily in the Kitchen Garden

10 Herbs That Can Be Grown Easily in the Kitchen Garden

All of these herbs have no special requirements, just enough water, sunlight and a little space to grow.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 21, 2020. It has since been updated.

A perfect dish is incomplete without the touch of fresh herbs. But you don't really end up with fresh herbs all the time. Sure, dried herbs are more convenient but they are not as flavorful as the fresh ones. Won't you agree? Regular replacement of the herbs is also necessary to keep them fragrant but sometimes it seems like a waste when the previous batch is not finished yet. What if we tell you that there are herbs that you can easily grow at home or in your kitchen garden without any hassle?


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Herbs that are grown at home are more organic with flavors so fresh that you would never want to buy them anymore from the market. You don't have to be one with a green thumb to grow these fragrant plants, all you need is some soil, a little space, and sunlight. According to Eco Outdoor, some must-have herbs need sunlight, regular watering during warm weather and drainage. Harvesting keeps them in shape and encourages regular growth.

Listed below are the ten must-have herbs that you can grow easily in your garden:

1. Parsley

All you need to grow this Italian parsley is some moist soil and some seeds. They keep growing and can be harvested all year.

Italian parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Sow the seeds in a pot and keep it in a place that has enough sunlight. In case you see yellowing of leaves during winters, just add some liquid fertilizer for a good boost of nutrients.


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2. Basil

Pasta, whether marinara or pesto, both need the freshness of basil for the herby after-taste. This herb can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Lots of sunlight and well-drained soil are all that basil requires to grow. Pruning the plant helps it thrive. For the best flavor, pinch off the flowers of the plant before they bloom, according to Gardening Chanel.

3. Thyme

An important ingredient in Italian and French cuisines, this herb can be added to soups, sauces, and stews but they are best when combined with hot peppers and eggplants. Its easier to grow this herb with plants bought from your local nursery than seeds. Sow the plant in moist soil which is well-drained after the winter is about to end and keep it outside in a well-lit space. According to Good House Keeping, thyme can be harvested all summer and keeps the area smelling fresh throughout the season.


4. Lavender

According to Eco Outdoor, even though lavender isn't technically a herb, it adds a special flavor and fragrance to baking, drinks, and bath products. It can be easily grown in the garden under full sun and a well-drained pot or garden bed. Pruning it frequently helps keep the growth under control.

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5. Mint

Mint leaves require very little water and can grow in both sun and shade. A must-have herb, it can grow pretty rapidly on a garden bed. It grows best when planted in a container or a large pot. Avoid using small plastic pots as it can become root bound very quickly.


6. Lemongrass

A very fragrant and useful herb, lemongrass is easy to grow at home. It is not easily available in stores so whenever you find them, get some and put it in a glass of water, according to Gardening Channel. Once it starts growing roots transfer it into a pot with moist soil. Don't forget to keep it where it gets full sunlight. Lemongrass originates in India and has a citrus flavor which brings out a delicious taste when added to soups, meat marinades, and curry pastes.

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7. Oregano

Known for its robust and woody flavor, the herb brings out a unique flavor in meat dishes. It can also be sprinkled in stews and sauces. So, how do you grow it at home? Sow the seed in a pot indoor until it starts sprouting. Once it's grown a bit, transfer it into a well-drained soil under sunlight. Oregano can be harvested as soon as it reaches about four inches tall.


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8. Rosemary

The herb with piney and woody flavor with blue flowers, it is a part of Mediterranean cuisine. Roasted meat, soups, and stews get a unique taste when sprinkled with rosemary. It can be grown indoors and outdoors but remember it requires plenty of sunlight. Make sure that the soil is well-drained especially in a hot and humid climate. Prune frequently to promote growth.

9. Chives

Best grown in pots, chives can be used to create garden borders too. A member of the onion family, they grow well during the winter season when planted under full sun. Keep the soil moist and well-drained.


10. Sage

This herb is not only fragrant but beautiful as well. With soft and fuzzy leaves, sage grows well in most soil when planted in a well-lit place with enough sunlight. They also need a lot of water to bloom healthily. Prune the wooden stems of the herb to keep it thriving as harvest it by simply clipping the leaves. The herb makes eggs, chicken, lamb, sauces, and stews taste even better than they already are.

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