10 Kinds of Mothers-in-Law We All Know (or Have Been) | Are You One of Them?

10 Kinds of Mothers-in-Law We All Know (or Have Been) | Are You One of Them?

Mothers-in-law make your lives interesting no matter what type. Wouldn't you agee?

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Getting married is a whole new experience. Not only do you have to adjust to the new environment and traditions, but you also have to learn to love the new people in your life, that includes your mother-in-law (MIL).

MILs are pretty different if you observe closely because you may never know what's going on inside their heads. If we look at the movies to try to understand them, you'll probably end up thinking that all MILs are monsters. But obviously, that's not the case. We know that all humans are different from each other, right? Then how can our precious MILs be the same?


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So are we saying that there are several types of mothers-in-law? Yup, that's exactly what we're saying. Let's find out who they are. Maybe you'll find something or someone similar. Maybe you've known them, maybe you've been them.


1. The jealous one

She is the one who took care of the son since he was conceived, so won't she be jealous when a new woman that her son has met maybe a month or a few years ago takes her place? We say, she deserves a little attention. We also know that these sweethearts don't take much time in warming up to their daughters-in-law once they get to know them.

2. The concerned one

These MILs will do anything and everything for their grandkids. They almost don't believe in the ideas of timeouts, not more than one candy per day, no TV, etc. Their son turned out to be splendid and so will their grandkids under their care.


3. The OCD one

They like the house to be spik and span. Their radar for unclean surroundings is so sharp that if the daughters-in-law seem incompetent in keeping the house clean, they don't stop themselves from lending them a hand. They can also be very particular about where the gardening tools need to be kept.

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4. The needy one

Maybe needy is a harsh word to use here, but all she wants is that her daughters-in-law and grandkids check up on them, doesn't matter if she's out of town, meeting someone, all special occasions, or at a funeral. Five minutes is enough. Maybe send one or two pictures of the grandkids and her son once the call is done.

5. The nosy one

Oh, these mothers-in-law make life spicier and more interesting. Not only does she want to know about what's going on with her kids and their family, but she also wants to know what's happening in society as well. So naturally, they have a lot of gossip with them along with information the family members never thought they needed, which can, let's be honest make for great conversations.


6. The all-rounder

She is not only gifted with the power of wisdom but she's strong as well. She passed on her genes to her sons and they knew everything about the world at the tender age of 4. She made sure that her son not only studies well but becomes a quarterback in the school football team as well. She also knits sweaters for the entire family for Christmas.

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7. The political activist

She's aware of all her rights and makes sure that all the people around her are aware of it as well. She makes the family understand why it's important to vote and which party is better. She's one big political encyclopedia.

8. The fashionista 

This mother-in-law gives her daughter-in-law a run for the money. She rocks the world with her classy style as she downs her glass of red but still manages to walk with poise in her high heels. She's the one everyone looks forward to meeting during mass on Sundays, and she's the one who always makes a statement with her classic style.


9. The "you before me"

She's the mother-in-law who is all about the family. She loves caring without being overly protective. She loves her grandkids and their mother as much as she loves her own son. She's always ready to sacrifice her own happiness for the family.

10. The tech enthusiast

These mothers-in-law love to stay up to date with the latest in technology so you can expect regular Whatsapp "good mornings" and crazy forwarded memes at any point of the day. They are also the ones who ask help from their grandkids to learn how video calling works so that they can see the faces of their children and grandkids every once in a while.

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So, did you find your mother-in-law on the list or did you see yourself in some of them?

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.