10 Signs to Help You Know Who Are Your Friends for Life | They Make Your World a Better Place

10 Signs to Help You Know Who Are Your Friends for Life | They Make Your World a Better Place

We all need friends in our lives who we can count on!

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We live in an era where we have a lot of acquaintances, but how many people do we really have that we can call our friends? Real friendship goes beyond a simple click on social media. There's a myriad of emotions and efforts involved. It can be a bond that lasts a lifetime. 

Even if we claim to be friendly and social, we can really count on only a handful of people, right? Sometimes after getting to know someone and calling them a friend, we wonder if they will stick around.


If you're worried about that, here are 10 signs that will help you identify who is a loyal friend. 

1. They accept you, flaws and all

Perfection is a myth because we all have our quirks. A true friend does not try to change who you are as a person. Only someone who accepts you and loves you with your flaws is people you can lean on. 




2. They stick with you through thick and thin

Some walk away and abandon you during tough times. But a true friend will have your back through thick and thin.

3. They never get jealous of your success

Get rid of people who can't be happy when you do well in life. The ones who really care for you will celebrate your success—even the most insignificant one—in a way that makes you feel happy and comforted. 

4. They make you feel comfortable

It is not easy to be your true self with someone. But a true friend will join you in your laughs and tears, and listen to your wildest dreams so that you never have to hide your truest self around them.




5. They put in the same amount of effort as you do to maintain the relationship

A true friend will never take you for granted. If you move mountains for the relationship, they will reciprocate in ways that will help you know that they are here to stay. 


6. They don't mince words, especially in a difficult situation

Everyone needs a reality check from time to time. A true friend will have your best interest and let you know that you are messing up even if it leads to confrontations and disagreements. All they want is to protect you from being hurt. 




7. They are willing to forgive when you admit your mistake

Admitting one's own mistake is a sign of growth and a true friend will never abandon you for growing up wanting to do better. 

8. They will always have your back, even when you're not around

There are people who appear nice but never let go of an opportunity to talk ill of you. Can they be friends? But there are those—the genuine friends—who defend you, even in your absence. 




9. They are a huge part of your life and you have too many memories together

These are people with whom inevitably you have created many life memories. Be it when you got your first job or when you had your first breakup, they were always there. You share so much about life with each other that life without another is unimaginable. Such friendships are rare, so cherish them. 

10. They want the best for you encouraging you to live your life

Finally, a true friend doesn't hold you back in any way. They always believe that you are much more capable and encourage you to push your boundaries so you can become your absolute best self.


If you have someone that fits all the criteria mentioned above then you're absolutely lucky. Don't let them go. Make sure they know they are loved and cherished. 



Representative Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Halfpoint Images