12 Photos of Cats Who Are Just Too Big To Be True | Which Is Your Favorite Feline Among These?

12 Photos of Cats Who Are Just Too Big To Be True | Which Is Your Favorite Feline Among These?

Cats are incredible creatures and great pets who don't seek as much attention as dogs do. They show their love in their own ways.

Everybody dotes on dogs, but cats tend to get a bad reputation for being cold and uncaring. However, being a cat lover and mom, this writer must say that cats are perfect for those who love their space. They will come to you when they want and leave you unbothered for most of the day. They have real personalities and we learn to respect that.

Kittens might be cute and cuddly, they might even follow you around, but adult cats are all about asserting their personality. Some of them still stay affectionate, but others seek an independent life, not unlike human kids. Cats are a lesson in respecting someone's space and boundaries. Humans have much to learn from them. However, if your pet cat is an indoor one, they are going to be more dependent on you. And, that means making sure they have the best possible food, toys, and other activities to do around the home.

Cats show love differently than dogs. Some cats will express their feelings by coming and sitting next to you to give company, some might plop in front of you for scratches and pets, and some might give you company when you are unwell. They are an unpredictable lot who happen to love routine. They come in all sizes and colors, and every single one of them is incredible. Most of us might assume that cats tend to be small in size, but there are many breeds out there that are huge in size.

Here are some of the biggest cats who probably don't know how big they are: 

1. This big boy and his favorite human


2. Is this a real cat or the work of photoshop?


3. This Maine Coon will steal your heart


4. This cat dad got more than he asked for


5. This feline is just illegally fluffy


6. This huge ball of fur will warm your hearts


7. Is this a cat or a lion?


8. This regal cat rules the house


9. The longest ball of fur


10. This Norwegian Forest cat looks like a keeper


11. Are we seeing things or is the cat really that big?


12. These cats don't stop amazing us!


Cover image source: Getty Images | Photo by (L)sdominick (R)Alexandra Jursova

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