"Bright" & "Carefree" 13YO Gets Dragged to Death While Trying to Escape From SUV That Was Stolen While She Was Inside

"Bright" & "Carefree" 13YO Gets Dragged to Death While Trying to Escape From SUV That Was Stolen While She Was Inside

The 34-year-old suspect was arrested by the police after he abandoned the car and tried to flee the scene on foot.

Trigger warning: Contains descriptions that might be disturbing to some

The hopes and dreams of a little girl were snatched away from her in a snap when she tried escaping a situation. A teen girl got dragged to her death after she tried escaping an SUV which was stolen while she was inside.

Identified as Brianna Ibarra by the Wichita police, the 13-year-old was dragged for miles through an open car door after she got entangled in a seat belt while trying to escape. The police disclosed that Brianna was inside the car when the suspect stole the Ford Escape. The SUV was parked and left running outside a restaurant by another family member while they went in to get some food on the afternoon of Saturday, February 6.


34-year-old suspect, Kevin Palmer allegedly jumped into the driver's seat seeing no one near the car and drove off with Brianna still inside. In an effort to exit from the moving vehicle, the teen tried to jump out of the SUV. Unfortunately, she got caught in the seatbelt and was dragged as "Palmer continued to flee for several miles," stated the news release.

The tragic situation came to an end after a witness who saw the disturbing sight called 911 all the while following the SUV. As per the police Palmer then stopped and tried to flee on foot but was arrested by officers after they arrived at the scene.


The gruesome aftermath is sure to stay with the officers for a long time because police Chief Gordon Ramsay confessed, "This is one of the saddest cases I have been associated with in my over 28 years of law enforcement. WPD sends its thoughts and prayers to family, friends, and others affected by this tragic incident,” reported KSNT.

Brianna's sister, Marissa Ibarra, who's grieving the teen's death along with her entire family, described her as, "Weird in her own way that made her a beautiful soul" who "loved to create." She added that her sister was "easy and fun to be around. She was bright, carefree, straightforward, family-oriented, strong, would do anything for (her) family, affectionate," reported KAKE.

Her parents who're struggling with the sudden loss of their beloved child described Brianna as someone who was "full of life" and a person who "always made everybody laugh, loved her family (and) was always up for any adventure." They further added that the "loss of (our) daughter was a tragedy that no family should have to go through."

Source: GoFundMe.com

While the friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe page so that the grieving family can handle the cost associated with Brianna's sudden demise, many others have offered their condolences through social media posts.

Thanking everyone who's offered love and support to the family, Brianna's parents said, "(We) appreciate all the support from the community and the beautiful comments that people have shared in the posts."

The authorities revealed that the investigation is ongoing and the man accused will now face a charge of felony and murder.






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