14MO Baby, Born Prematurely at 23 Weeks, Is Heading Home After Spending Her Entire Life in the Hospital | "She's a Rock Star"

14MO Baby, Born Prematurely at 23 Weeks, Is Heading Home After Spending Her Entire Life in the Hospital | "She's a Rock Star"

Unfortunately, her twin brother could not survive the premature birth.

Ada Mesnard was born prematurely at 23 weeks and weighed just 1 pound at the time of her birth. To put it in relatable terms, it means she just weighed as much as a loaf of bread or a butter block! Tragically her twin brother Weston did not make it.

The two were born extremely prematurely in February of 2020 at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. “She and her brother were born very young at 23 weeks and 2 days. He’s now in Heaven. For her, it’s been many, many surgeries,” her mother, Laurena Mesnard, explained, according to Inside Edition. The baby girl was diagnosed with respiratory issues. She had to be put on on a ventilator. The tiny infant also struggled with feeding that required a gastrostomy tube. She also had hearing issues and other medical conditions. As bleak as things seemed, slowly but surely things started looking up. “Every day was terrifying,” her mother said. “But slowly over about 8 months, she started to make progress.”


According to WABC, Ada was transferred to Westchester Medical Center and then admitted to Blythedale Children's Hospital in September 2020. There she began receiving therapies and treatments to help her get better. Over a few months, she slowly began to learn how to hold her head up, roll over, sit up, play with toys, and even learned how delicious food can be! Incredibly Ada now weighs in at a very healthy 19 pounds. "Usually you get a good idea if there's going to be something seriously wrong by 18 months," pediatrician Dr. Dennis Davidson said. "She is 14 months now, and she is a rock star."


Another piece of incredible news for the family was that she can breathe on her own again. Laurena shared, “We never thought she would go home without a ventilator. It’s huge! It’s life-changing! For the first time in her whole life, a year, she’s breathing on her own.” What's even better is that this means Ada is finally moving in with her family who believes the best is yet to come.


The infant spent 14 months at New York hospitals but finally, after 408 days, left Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla. The baby from Poughkeepsie fought hard to survive. However, the pain of losing Weston still lingers. "To this day, because he should be going home too," Laurena said. But the 40-year-old mom is so grateful to go back home with her miracle child. Ada is resilient, she is a survivor and continues to fight, starting at the tender age of a little over a year old. "We're going to set her up in her little crib with all the toys that she is familiar with and just talk to her, mom and dad there, and just get her comfortable," Laurena Mesnard said.

She remains optimistic about her baby's fighting spirit even in the future. "I hope she conquers mountains," she said. "I hope she does whatever makes her happy. We just want her to be happy. She’s been through so much. I hope she can find what she really likes in life, and we will foster that.”





Representational Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by July Semianovich

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