14 Heartwarming Stories of Kindness During These Tough Times That Show Unity and Humanity Will Save the World

14 Heartwarming Stories of Kindness During These Tough Times That Show Unity and Humanity Will Save the World

From supermarkets opening at special times to accommodate the elderly to celebrities coming forward to make generous donations, these are just a few examples of how love can make the world a better place.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jenny Evans

While China is gradually moving towards normalcy, many countries are still fighting hard with the coronavirus pandemic and are in lockdown. While the statistics continue to make people anxious, a large chunk of people are trying to spread a little cheer in these times of darkness.

From corporates coming forward to supply essential commodities, to celebrities making donations, to neighbors going out of their way to spread positivity in the neighborhood; the world truly is fighting as one big family to protect one another.


We saw numerous videos of Italians trying to cheer each other up by singing and playing music from their respective balconies and that was followed by a wave of such heartwarming videos which shows ordinary people doing extraordinary things or maybe simple things that have little thought, positivity and a whole lot of love.

Not just that, it also appears that now that human beings are locked inside their homes, the reset mode of Earth has been activated as nature has reclaimed its rightful place. From the return of Dolphins in the canals of Venice to a reduction in pollution in the densely populated cities of the world, our planet is truly healing.


Here are certain instances of such positive and heartwarming activities that could bring a smile to your face and could make you strengthen your belief in the beauty of life.

1. Granddaughter gives the big news of her engagement to her isolated grandfather through the window of his rehab facility.

A young woman wanted to give her grandfather the big news of her engagement but she wasn't allowed to visit him in his ward, so as to not compromise his safety as he was kept in isolation. So she decided to flash her engagement ring through the window of his ward and this turned into a heartwarming moment!



2. Three elderly best friends plan to move in together to be each other's quarantine partners

Thee elderly best friends who have been by each others' side and supported each other through divorce and sufferings decided to move in together to deal with this phase of quarantine. Older adults are said to be at high risk, so isolation for them becomes necessary but it needn't be boring right? These three best friends thought as much and decided to turn quarantine into a bonding phase.



3. An old gentleman stood in front of his wife's nursing home with a Happy Anniversary placard

Bob Shellard's wife was in isolation but he had to wish her for their 67th wedding anniversary. Love is indeed real!



4. Residents of some neighborhoods in America put their Christmas light back to spread cheer

Americans started putting their Christmas lighting back up to spread light and hope during a time of darkness.


5. These neighborhood kids put on a concert for their elderly neighbor

These kids decided to entertain their elderly neighbor as they were in self-isolation. What followed is a fine display of humanity.



6. Since this aquarium was closed, the penguins got to roam around freely

Penguins go on a field trip and also watched some fishes in Chicago's Shedd aquarium which was closed due to the lockdown.



7. Dolphins and swans reportedly returned in the canals of Venice

Dolphins and swans were spotted in some of Italy's waterways after the nationwide lockdown was imposed.


8. Australian supermarkets have dedicated specific work hours for the elderly

After a couple of supermarkets in Australia witnessed panic-buying, they allotted special work hours exclusively for the elderly.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jenny Evans

9. The statue of Christ the Redeemer lit up to honor the victims of COVID-19

Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue was lit up with flags of countries affected by the coronavirus.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Wagner Meier

10. Two little girls spend their pocket money to donate toilet papers

Two friends from Queensland have donated toilet rolls and tissues to elderly neighbors with their own pocket money.


11. Celebrities such as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donate for the cause

Not just them, many celebrities, like Bruno Mars, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Roger Federer, etc. have come forward to offer help and donations to fight this pandemic.


12. Mass-applause for healthcare workers in Spain

As the whole country has been fighting the virus outbreak for weeks now, home-quarantined Spanish people applaud the healthcare workers for their commitment and services.


13. The police of Spain cheer up residents by singing and dancing

Spain has now reached the advanced stage of the coronavirus outbreak and almost the entire country is going through a lockdown. While it is the duty of the police to make sure people stay at home, they decided to take it a notch higher by entertaining quarantined people through song and dance. How adorable is that?




14. Italians singing from their respective balconies

The list won't be complete without mentioning the Italians who started this trend of song and dance from their respective balconies to lift each others' spirits and spread cheer! In this video, they can be seen singing the famous Italian song Bella Ciao from their balconies.


What are some of the best acts of kindness you've come across during these trying times?