14 Signs a Spirit Guide May Be Trying to Reach Out and Connect

14 Signs a Spirit Guide May Be Trying to Reach Out and Connect

Sometimes, we need a little help from the other world and what better message to receive than the ones from our spirit guides.

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Have you ever felt like there's some force you can't explain that seems to be watching over you? Or sometimes like there is someone who is trying to reach out to you? Well, you might be right. You could have a spirit guide in the form of an angel, a loved one or even He Himself looking out for you and trying to send you a message. But the signs they send aren't always the most obvious ones, especially if they're aimed at you. So here are the small instances that indicate that your spirit guide is attempting to connect with you.


1. Changes in the room's temperature

A sudden chill without reason or feeling goosebumps in a place where it isn't cold could mean that there is a supernatural being there with you. They could be trying to warn you about impending danger or reassure you that they are protecting you.

2. Butterflies

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These winged creatures symbolize rebirth. If you've lost a special loved one and you find yourself visited by butterflies soon after their passing, it could be their way of telling you that they're okay. They're letting you know that it's time for them to move on.

3. Telepathic voices

Sometimes those voices in your head aren't just you talking to yourself. If you hear a voice in your head different from yours or are having recurring thoughts that are connected to an issue you're facing, it could be your spirit guide's way of guiding you to an answer.


4. Phantom touches

If you feel ticklish, feel something like a hand brushing over your neck, weird, niggling pain in a particular part of your body or a warm, gentle hug-like sensation, it could be a loved one letting you know that they're with you.

5. Flickering lights or orbs

Spirits are quite known for their ability to manipulate electricity. So flickering lights or a new bulb that suddenly blows out could indicate the presence of a spirit. Additionally, you might see blurry, orb-like lights in your peripheral vision or on photographs of loved ones. However, you might not know whether it's a good spirit or a bad one.


6. Sounds

Have you ever felt like your name was called out but there was no one next to you or behind you? Or have you ever heard certain strange noises like a jingling of bells or paws on the floor? Well, these could indicate that your loved one is trying to reach out to you from the afterlife.

7. Clocks stopping

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When you notice all your clocks stopping at the same time over and over again, it might be your loved one communicating with you by showing you the time they died on the clock or a time that was significant to them.

8. Faces of loved ones in shadows

If you've noticed the faces of your loved ones in your peripheral vision that seem to come out of shadows, they could be letting you know that they're watching over you.


9. Visions and dreams

This is one of the most well-known forms of communication our spirit guides have with us. Though we may not understand these visions or dreams, it's their way of giving us an answer when the time is right or letting us know that things will be okay.

10. White feathers 

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If you notice a white feather that seems out of place, it could be a spirit guide letting you know of their presence and giving you the opportunity to honor their protection.

11. Sudden scents

A sudden familiar scent that you associate with a loved one could mean that they are near you and offering you their love and reassurance.

12. Pennies or dimes

A "penny for your thoughts" holds true in this case if you find pennies or dimes in unexpected places like your freezer, in a potted plant or even under your pillow which indicates your spirit guides are with you when you feel low and sad. It's their way of cheering you up.

13. Music

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One of the best ways to heal the human soul is through music. Music that is calming and resonates with you might suddenly play out of the blue which is a sign your spirit guide is trying to make you feel better. It's also their attempt to have your deepest desires flow with the music and your spirit guide is sending you a message with them.

14. Direct messages

Sometimes, the spirit guides find it easier to just tell you their message directly. If you're having trouble with something and you see a certain word repeatedly or see a message on something like a billboard that seems to address your problem specifically, it's their way of giving you the answer.

Don't ignore these messages as they could help guide you to happiness, make you feel better or even protect you from danger.

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