14 Funniest Things Kids Have Asked Santa for Christmas | No. 4 Is Hilarious!

14 Funniest Things Kids Have Asked Santa for Christmas | No. 4 Is Hilarious!

Santa Claus is everything for children... until they find out their Santa was their own parents.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Swell Media

Christmas means a lot of things to many people but for kids, it's all about Santa Claus. Unlike the adults who prepare for Christmas only when the holiday season starts, kids prepare for it all year long to get into Santa's good books.

When it comes to children, these innocent souls who are unbothered by what people will think about them come up with the craziest wishes that they want their Dear Santa to fulfill. Here are a few interesting letters that kids wrote asking for the strangest things.


1. Can I be your elf on the shelf?


2. He has a very valid point about the bathroom



3. Just a few things I ask...


4. Umm... that's quite specific.



5. Nothing less... nothing more


6. If every kid asked for this, the world would be a much better place to live in, wouldn't it?



7. This child has some serious things to say...


8. Santa better know he's not Jesus!



9. Everyone wants this Santa... hear the little guy!


10. A bazooka? Why??



11. Any spare elves? She'd like one, please.


12. A tale of wees and poos



13. All that he wants, can be found on Amazon


14. He just wants one thing - EVERYTHING