14-YO Boy Accidentally Fell to Death From 7th Floor Balcony Trying to Look Up at Stars | He Loved Astronomy

14-YO Boy Accidentally Fell to Death From 7th Floor Balcony Trying to Look Up at Stars | He Loved Astronomy

Described by his family as 'beloved, beautiful, smart, intelligent and sensitive' Marcel Bruchal was in the care of his grandparents at the time of the incident.

A young boy who had a passion for astronomy tragically fell from a seventh-floor flat at 9.15 pm on March 19, 2022. Marcel Bruchal, 14, from Newham, East London was in the care of his grandparents at their home when the incident took place. According to The Sun, first responders arrived at the scene and found him in cardiac arrest. By the time he had reached the hospital, he had passed away.



According to My London, a statement from the boy's grandmother that was on the record at Poplar Coroner's court on Wednesday (August 3) revealed that the young teen was "very excited" to stay with his grandparents for the first time in a year. That night, the grandmother said that the teen was looking over a balcony "in a weird way" twice before his death.

"[A family member] followed him out as he did not think he was coming back. He saw Marcel standing by the balcony and looking down. He described Marcel looking at it in a weird way."  Later she suddenly heard the screams of the family member. "I heard him shout 'Marcel no Marcel no Marcel why?' [He was] next to me shouting and crying but I could not make sense of what he was saying. He grabbed my hand and took me to the balcony. I looked out over the balcony, I did not know what he wanted me to look at. He said something like 'Marcel is laying there'. I saw two people and a car. Then I saw someone laying there.”

The devastated grandmother added, "That evening was a very starry night and there was a comet going past. Maybe he lent out to have a look...We know for sure Marcel did not plan it." After the hearing Coroner Mary Hassell believed that, “Marcel must have climbed up onto the balcony in order to leave it. This was a safe balcony, he was a 14-year-old. This was not simply that the balcony was unsafe." Hassell concluded that "The likelihood is that he fell from the balcony and that this was an accident fall."



No mother should ever have to deal with the grief of losing their child. The teen's heartbroken mother Karolina Bruchal is still grappling with the tragedy. At the time of his passing, she described her son as a sweet and bright boy. Paying tribute to her late son, she wrote on Facebook, "In our lifetime, we never thought we would be in this situation. My worst nightmares never thought I would ever write these words. And I write because we are so lethargic and helpless, because we would like to wake up so much. Cause there are no more tears. Our beloved, beautiful, smart, intelligent and sensitive Marcelek passed away yesterday... We stayed here .....We love you so much Mimus..." 






Cover Image Source: Facebook | Karolina Bruchal

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