15 Women Share Safety Tips if a Stranger Is Following or Harassing You

15 Women Share Safety Tips if a Stranger Is Following or Harassing You

These women are offering help to others who may have been in a similar situation that sadly is far too common.

The fact that harassment towards women is still common is disheartening and honestly, quite frightening.

More women are coming together to share stories as well as tips on how to protect themselves. One thing you should always remember is that it is never your fault and harassment of any kind is never okay. You have the right to feel safe in public spaces just like anyone else. Remember to “trust your gut” and learn about strategies that can help you feel safer.

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a hassler, harasser, or stalker, here are some ways to keep you protected, as told by other women. They also offer tips on how you can help others who are being harassed.























Emily May, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Right To Be, a nonprofit that works to end harassment, told Bored Panda, "Our Stand Up Against Street Harassment Training offers three strategies to use in response to harassment: assess your safety, reclaim your space (optional), and practice resilience. Proven ways to reclaim your space include setting a boundary, asking someone for help, or documenting your harassment." She also noted that "there is no such thing as a perfect response to harassment, it's their responsibility not to harass you. Taking time to find a sense of safety inside yourself, educate yourself about the issue, share your story, and learn how to intervene on behalf of others are all key parts of the healing journey."
















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