16 Signs That Earnest Prayers From the Heart Are Being Heard and Answered

16 Signs That Earnest Prayers From the Heart Are Being Heard and Answered

Sometimes, you might think He isn't listening. But He is always there for you.

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With so many hardships and experiences that we face, the only one we can really turn to is God. We pray to Him, hoping our prayers will be heard. We also seek guidance to make the right decisions. "Will I get through this?" "Am I doing the right thing?" "Will I regret this?" "Will this relationship last?" We wait for days to get an answer and, sometimes, we wonder if our prayers are actually being heard. What we might not realize is that God is listening to them. He may not respond to us directly, but He sends us signs. Symbols and omens that speak to our soul.


These signs often go unnoticed by us amidst our busy lives. Yet, if we pay attention, they are always there. If you knew the message hidden within these precious moments, you can hear answers to your questions and find guidance.

1. Rainbows

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The rare phenomenon is an angel sign that there is something light at the end of the tunnel. It's a reminder to trust Life and yourself.  When you see this sign, He is telling you to weather the storm for a little bit longer, and you'll come out stronger at the end. Joy and good times await you.

2. Coins

If you find a coin in an unexpected place, it could be a sign that the answer to a question that's been troubling you is simpler than you think. Sometimes, you need to stop overthinking and believe that things will be fine. And when you act as if things will be fine, then that action brings in good results. For example, if you find a coin near the bed you share with your partner, it could be an affirmation that your relationship will be fine. 


3. White feather

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It's not very common to find a pure white feather often, especially in unexpected places like your car or your kitchen. But as a "calling card" for the angels, it's a sign of reassurance and love, reminding you that He and your angel are looking out for you, and they got your back. It is also the Universe asking you to loosen up and enjoy the moment.


4. Angel numbers

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Angel numbers like 111, 22, and more are your hidden messages carrying a specific meaning.  If you see recurring angel numbers like 3:33 on your clock or a bill comes up to $3.33, they could be trying to send you a message. You can read more about them here.


5. Feelings of being touched

A slight brush across the back of your neck or a gentle phantom-like hug is a sign that your guardian angel is close to you. If you feel this in a moment of sadness or pain, they're trying to tell you that everything will be okay. Many people who have lost a loved one recently might sense a strange, calming presence that is at once comforting and loving. This is a sign that an angel or the soul of the loved one that has passed is telling you that they are fine.


6. Images in the clouds

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No two person perceives a cloud in the same way. If you notice forms and shapes like angels, hearts, dragons, animals, or objects, pause for a moment to see what that specific image means to you. For example, if you associate flowers with feeling relaxed and happy, then if you happen to find a flower-like form in the sky when you are worried about solving a work issue, it is a sign that you need to stop worrying and relax. There is an invisible hand at play taking care of things for you.


7. Lyrics or voices that make  meaning

God wants to answer your questions if only you would stop overthinking and listen. Since that is hard, He may choose to send you a message in the form of song lyrics or a voice message or even an ad jingle that makes perfect sense to the situation you are in. Trust that voice. 

8. Butterflies 

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Butterflies are symbols of rebirth and new beginnings. If you see butterflies after a loved one has passed, they may be visiting you to let you know that they are happy and in a good place.

9. Scents

If you smell something pleasant or strangely familiar, it is a sign that you have taken the right decision. It is almost as if the Universe is saying "You have taken the right step." If the scent reminds you of a living person, it is a reminder to reach out to them. If it reminds you of someone who has passed, they want you to know their blessings are with you.

10. Tingling sensations, goosebumps or chills

Angel presence is usually followed by a change in temperature. It's a sign they're connecting with you. If you feel this in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, they're trying to tell you to listen to your instinct. It can be a sign of protection or warning. Your body often senses danger before your brain does. Trust your survival instincts.

11. Direct messages

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Sometimes, angels are a bit more direct in their communication. Instances such as seeing a billboard that seems to address a certain personal problem or a song on the radio that feels like an answer to your issues could be their message to you. Have hope. 

12. Moments of extraordinary beauty



If you suddenly find yourself in a moment or spot that allows you to perceive inexplicable beauty, it is a sign that you are at the exact right place at the right time in your life. You need not regret not having done certain things or push yourself to act faster. God wants you to know there is a right time and place for everything and to trust the natural flow of life.

13. Knots in your stomach

If you feel a tightness in your chest or a knot in your stomach, it's your angel warning you to be careful. If you feel this kind of tension around someone, your angel is telling you to watch out before you say things or commit to them. If you have just made a decision or said okay to someone but you can't help feel knotted up or your body reacts weirdly, listen to this important message. You have the right to say no or go back on an appointment or promise to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing.

14. Robins

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Much like butterflies, your deceased ones can come back as robins to let you know that they're happy and always near you, especially if they return to your garden often. 

15. Animals or babies

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Often, animals and babies are more sensitive to guardian angels. So if your pet or baby sees something that you can't or follows something with their eyes and are calm or happy, it's a sign that there is a kind, loving presence around.

16. Dragonflies

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If you spot a dragonfly, it's a sign that something is going to change in your life. It could be that your relationship with your partner will reach another milestone or if you're unwell, that you'll recover soon. It is also a reminder to trust the spiritual process of life more than the outer, materialistic aspects.

It's easy to miss these signs, but if you pay attention, you will see that they are a reassurance that you're being guided and protected. You're not alone. 

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