Women Share 16 Crazy Things They've Done While PMSing and They're Hilarious!

Women Share 16 Crazy Things They've Done While PMSing and They're Hilarious!

The little hormonal tornado sure can be painful but that doesn't mean the stories won't make you bust a gut laughing.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 22, 2019. It has since been updated.

“You're being irrational/emotional.”

“Doesn’t this happen to you every month?”

“Why are you crying at this beer commercial?”

“So you’re PMSing. What do you want, special treatment?”

And there it is. The three letters that can make a woman sound crazy, irrational, emotional, and needy. P.M.S. Yeah, well, when those who call us crazy have to face the intense hormonal battle we women have to go through every month. Only then would they understand. 



But for now, we women have to stick through the crying, the rage, the craziness of feeling as if our brains and organs have turned to mush while our hormones act like they are sitting on a twisted rollercoaster. From crying over a spoon to yelling at a pole for getting in our way, it's a rough time for us. 


Yet there are women who've embraced this phenomenon and they share their stories of the most insane things they've done while they were experiencing their hormones bouncing around like flubber. 

1. "Screaming obscenities at a fork that got itself stuck in the dishwasher cutlery tray."

2. "I sneezed, farted, then started crying. I don't know why. I think I startled myself."



3. "Baby brain made me forget the word "fridge" so I called it "the cold cupboard". Boyfriend (understandably) laughed at this. So I sobbed for an hour because he is an insensitive bastard."

4. "I cried because I could see my black bra through my thin, yellow shirt today."

5. "Dreamt my husband cheated on me. Went from being angry to crying at ten-minute intervals for about six hours."


6. "I once broke down in the pizza aisle of morrisons because i couldnt decide what i wanted for tea. A crumbled, sobbing heap on the floor while my then-boyfriend patted me on the head and patiently waited for it to be over."

7. "Aged 17, had a blazing row with my Dad and left home because he'd put a roll of sellotape away (and I needed it)."



8. "I was practically in tears the other day because my other half wouldn't buy something for himself but brought me shoes... He ended up leaving a shop with a remote control helicopter."

9. "McDonald's gave me the wrong size fries so I assumed they thought I needed to lay off fries and started crying and cursing."

10. "I once cried my eyes out because my dog ate a spider."


11. "I cried because I couldn't remember where the saucepans went when I was unloading my parents' dishwasher!"

12. "I saw two dogs that were the same breed, but they were being walked on separate sides of the road, and I thought that they might never meet. Hysterical crying."

13. "Saw a random woman on a train platform - began to have an imaginary argument with her in my head - it got so heated I ended up crying with rage, then feeling guilty that I'd been so horrible to her and crying more because I felt like a terrible person."



14. "My Mum, whilst cooking dinner for friends and three small children, took a slightly burnt pavlova meringue out of the oven, carefully placed it on the kitchen floor, and proceeded to jump up and down on it until it was nothing but dust."

15. "I threw a pizza out the front door like a frisbee because it was ‘burnt’ (it fucking wasn’t). Then felt like a tit so went to pick it up, saw my neighbour shaking her head out the window at me, so threw the fucker again into her garden. I’m better than I expected!"

16. "I saw the grapes in the fruit bowl and the colour just looked really sad. I SOBBED. Hubs cuddled me and I could feel him trying not to laugh and I blubbered 'I...see...the...(hic) funny...side...'"