18-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Boy Dies in Devastating Car Accident Days Before He Planned To Quit His Job

18-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Boy Dies in Devastating Car Accident Days Before He Planned To Quit His Job

Edwards was reportedly just days away from quitting the job when he met with the tragic accident. 

Eighteen-year-old Alex Edwards was driving with two of his colleagues when his car went off the road and ran into a tree. Edwards was out delivering pizzas when the incident occurred. After the accident took place on Saturday, September 17, 2022, his red Toyota Yaris was found in a terrible state near Somerset Drive in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, Australia. Witnesses heard a large sound and called the ambulance to the scene. The two people sitting at the back sustained only minor injuries while Edwards passed away, just five minutes away from the Domino’s store where he worked, according to Daily Mail

A woman who was living next to the crash site mentioned how all she heard was a voice screaming. “She was just yelling no, no, no over and over again,” the woman said. “I assume it was the boy's mother. The one who died.” She also mentioned that “There was a loud whirring as the boy's foot was still on the accelerator.”



One of the residents saw the smoking wreck and decided to take action, “I ran inside and called the ambulance and the driver was still alive at that stage.” The two boys stuck in the passenger seats, aged 17, crawled out of the seats and away from the wreck, bruised but not critically injured, as per Daily Mail. They were treated at Gold Coast Hospital over the weekend. However, the parents of Alex Edwards were never able to see their son recover from something like this. Edwards' father lamented, “We never expected anything like this to happen to our baby boy,” while his mother sat and read a card that said, “Long will you be missed. You never failed to put smiles on all our faces.” Edwards was reportedly just days away from quitting the job when he met with the tragic accident. 

A Domino’s spokesperson commented on the tragedy, saying, “Alex Edwards joined Domino's Mudgeeraba just over six months ago as a delivery driver and in that time earned the friendship and respect of his colleagues as a hard-working and valued member of our team.” They added, “We will be providing support to our team members and the family and friends of all involved, including offering counseling services.”

“Domino's will also provide the local police with all possible assistance with their investigation, and conduct a thorough internal investigation of our own. We would like to express our sincere condolences to Alex's family and friends and ask that their privacy is respected at this extremely difficult time,” they said.



When asked if the company will be evaluating its driver training, the spokesperson said, “Domino's has a comprehensive training and onboarding process, including on making safe deliveries, but we also recognize that training is only one form of the control measure. We have hundreds of team members out on the roads every single day making safe deliveries, and even one incident like this is one too many.” 

Many have sent positive messages for Edwards. “Rest in peace Alex, you'll be missed by everyone,” one friend wrote. “I always will remember our classes together,” another said. Residents around the area have often mentioned seeing car accidents like this. “We've had cars flip right outside our driveway and we even had a person crash through our fence... we asked LNP State MP Ros Bates to install a guardrail (and) thankfully she has,” a neighbor explained.

The car was driving around 70km/hr, however, it is not yet confirmed whether the speed was an important aspect of the crash. Queensland police are thoroughly investigating and asking people to send in any relevant footage to the Crime Stoppers.




Representative Cover Image Source: Getty Images | LEREXIS

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