20 Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup That Reveal Who They Really Are

20 Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup That Reveal Who They Really Are

Many celebrities are now ditching makeup and going for an all-natural look.

Source: Instagram | (L) Katy Perry and (R) Cameron Diaz

Makeup has been a part of women's lives for centuries. Even as the beauty industry is booming with new products being launched regularly, people are beginning to embrace the concept of natural beauty. Folks are opting to stick to simpler routines by choosing to simply accentuate one's features and conceal dark circles while focusing more time and energy on taking care of their skin and body with better lifestyle choices. Many are also being vocal in challenging unrealistic beauty notions set by society. 


Women across the globe are embracing their natural faces with pride. Even celebrities are encouraging this positive trend by posting no-makeup selfies on social media and getting photographed without makeup in public spaces. Many have decided to use the quarantine period as a time to allow their skin to breathe, reports Women's Health. Here are some pictures of celebrities owning their authentic self with confidence:


1. Amanda Seyfried



2. Jennifer Lawrence



3. Cameron Diaz


4. Katy Perry



5. Jennifer Lopez


6. Beyonce



7. Mila Kunis


8. AnnaLynne McCord



9. Heidi Klum



10. Kylie Jenner



11. Miley Cyrus


12. Kristen Stewart


13. Taylor Swift


14. Kendall Jenner


15. Tyra Banks


16. Jennifer Aniston


17. Jaden Pinkett Smith


18. Angelina Jolie


19. Kate Moss


20. Britney Spears




Cover Image Source: Instagram | (L) Katy Perry and (R) Cameron Diaz