20 Hilarious Memes on Social Distancing and Self-Isolation That Are Way Too Relatable

20 Hilarious Memes on Social Distancing and Self-Isolation That Are Way Too Relatable

Humor is the one thing that can get us through this crisis and period of isolation without losi

Source: Instagram/kristenanniebell (Via @holyhayson)

The one thing that seems to be getting the human species through this global health crisis is our sense of humor. Ever since the meme culture has taken over social media, the internet has not just become a fun place but also a source of comic relief at times of a crisis.

As more and more people are isolating themselves to maintain social distance, their experiences indoors are a great source of inspiration for those facing the same struggles across the globe. Whether you are spending your quarantine alone, with your family, or with a bunch of people you'd rather not share the roof with, there is a meme for every situation that is oh-so-relatable. Here is our pick from the recent trends that can tease a chuckle out of you.


1. Made new friends yet?


2. I always knew my neighbor was a little weird.



3. Straight to the therapist!


4. Extroverts, how's it going?



5. Wash your hands first


6. Who would've thought?



7. Improving lives since forever


8. Let's get the rules straight.



9. Who is changing clothes though?



10. Yes, please!



11. All ya introverts, we feel ya


12. Thanks for coming to my party



13. Who else is relating to this?


14. Let me wear my mask!


15. Why do we find this funny when we shouldn't be?


16. Don't be friends with fitness freaks!


18. Every time is a good time!


19. Who is sharing sanitizers?


20. No one's looking, chill!


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