20 Illustrations That Show What True Love Looks like in a Long-Term Relationship

20 Illustrations That Show What True Love Looks like in a Long-Term Relationship

Artist Amanda Oleander knows and has seen what others have not about the love that couples in a long-term relationship share. And captures that in adorable relatable art that will remind you of your "forever person".

Finding the right partner is tough. It's like having to wade through a slew of people, trying to find the one who is the right fit for you. But once you find that one person who loves you for who you are, everything else just seems to fall into place. One year goes by, then three, then five - and in all those years, it's the small things that show the love and bond you have with each other. Those tiny gestures that never faded kept that faith in each other strong.

And Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander captures these cute long-term couple moments in her illustrations. Using her own romantic relationship and other memories as inspiration, she illustrates her comics sharing what love really looks like when there's no one around.

“I am captivated by the way people behave behind closed doors — things we all do but do not really talk about or share on social media,” Oleander told Miami Herald. “I think if we tried to photograph those moments, it would change the way we behave, so I draw them.”


From paintings to drawings, she has wowed her fans with how real and relatable her comics are when it comes to memorable moments in romantic relationships.

And here are 20 drawings of hers that capture those moments perfectly:

1. The couple that washes their hair together stays together


2. It's popping time!


3. The only acceptable form of cold feet


4. When you find a random strand in a random place


5. Reading to each other is a new form of intimacy


6. When your natural birthday suit doesn't turn your partner away



7. No curtain can separate a true couple


8. The best couch to sleep on


9. There is never a bad time for a hug


10. When even her hair loves you tons


11. Even the smallest touch matters


12. One to fill your heart, the other to fill your stomach


13. Who needs a masseuse when you have him?



14. The sun may not be his best friend but at least you are


15. When you're melting but you still want to be held


16. When he really knows you


17. When he wraps you in the towel of love


18. He's leaving... when you say he is


19. One more random strand in one more random place


20. Ahh... the smell of love