Will the Year 2020 Light up Your Love Life? Here's What the Tarot Cards Have to Say

Will the Year 2020 Light up Your Love Life? Here's What the Tarot Cards Have to Say

This general tarot reading for Love Life 2020 applies to everybody reading this, irrespective of your zodiac sign, age, and sex. The messages given below apply to both single and committed/married individuals.

Let's face it. 2018 spelt disaster for love for some! And 2019 had you wandering blindly in a dark cave, trying to find the light. But there, in that darkness, where the eyes went blind, all other senses lit up. And you finally managed to emerge into the sunshine. Now, when you think of love, you actually think one word: YOU.

If you've learnt one thing, it's to stand in your power. Your feet are firmly grounded and so's your mind. If your experience has taught you one thing, it's self-love. You now see that there can be neither love for your partner nor from your partner, without self-love. And if you're single, then too, there's no love to find when you don't respect and adore who you are.

In 2020, love for you is all about making sure you're the best version of you, both for yourself and your partner, or even the soulmate you're hoping for. Individuality is key, whether or not you're partnered. So, you're going to nurture yourself to that effect. In 2020, you're no longer going to chase after love, nor will you meditate on it. No. You're simply going to be yourself, attract love and manifest it. Because you've realised you can never be denied what you truly deserve. And just as the cards reveal, may self-love and true love be yours.

3 of swords - Reversed (Taking your heart into your own hands)

3 of Swords - Reversed

The heartbreak and pain you had in the past didn't really break you. They shook you, sure. But your strength prevailed. You got yourself out of the dark place. You found it in you to let it go and find yourself again. In many ways, you pursued the real you. The going wasn't easy, of course. Relationships could've gone sour for some of you, some of yours might even have ended, and others' never quite blossomed.

Ace of Swords (Now you finally see)

Ace of Swords

What you really needed was to clear your head of the gunk that had accumulated for quite some time, perhaps 4 years. And you did. In quite the Eat, Pray, Love style, you tried various things to find your inner voice, your creative centre, and your true self again. And you did find it all and how! This could have thrown your partner off for a bit. But slowly, they're warming up to this new (or renewed) and better you.

Queen of Wands (Focus, create, attract)

Queen of Wands

The passionate, fiery, determined you will be in full steam in 2020. There you sit, in your power, creating a "you" that you'll truly love. Better still, your high vibes keep all the negativity out. You'll only draw the best people to you. And that means you'll attract the right partner for yourself. If you're already partnered, you'll begin to see how your positive energy brings about the better side of your partner too.

Oracle Advice: Grounding

Oracle Advice

When we're starving for love, it's far too easy for us to fixate on and be addicted to all the wrong things - excessive food, alcohol, even love itself. For you, perhaps, it was love. You were so hellbent on either fixing a relationship or on finding the right partner, that somewhere along the way, you lost your footing. But in 2020, you're wiser than this. You know what you truly need. Self-love. And that means you ensure your career, your finances, your dreams, and your goals are intact. This way, you can make sure you'll never be lonely again, because you're your best companion, and for that very reason you'll make the best partner too.

Tip: Anytime you're emotionally frazzled, exercise, go for a walk in nature, and get yourself a nice foot massage or pedicure.

How does Tarot work?

If there's one question every tarot reader gets asked most often is, how can a bunch of cards hold answers to our deepest fears and confusion? Is it completely random or is it some kind of divine channeling of messages? Well, the answer? It's a bit of both.

Most readers are highly intuitive, sometimes psychic too. The vibrant, and often quite descriptive imagery of the Tarot is what helps paint a picture of what you can expect in the coming days, based on the reading. A truly skilled tarot reader will be able to bring clarity to your confusion and answers to your questions.

Every reader has their own preferences: some shuffle and pick the cards themselves (or ask you to pick if you're present), others shuffle extensively and wait until the cards fall out, flip, or fly out in the midst of shuffling on their own. I fall into the latter group of people. But regardless of the process that leads up to it, once the cards are laid out in front of you, they pretty much speak for themselves.

As for the choice of cards, this too depends on the reader's preference. However, the most popular of the lot, and also the most commonly used deck of cards in the Tarot is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Different decks come with different imageries and also have varied interpretations. Purely guided by intuition, readers can interpret the cards differently, though perhaps, we're all probably channeling the same message, really. The deck I've used for this reading is the classic Rider-Waite. The imagery in this deck is quite simple and clear enough to explain to just about anyone what the cards are saying.

A tarot reading can be done for an individual, a couple and even a group of people. While there is no rule that dictates when and how you do a reading, there are readers who prefer to schedule it based on the lunar cycles, etc, to gauge the energies.

Tarot Reading by Anusha M Shashidhar:
She's a tarot reader and pranic healer. She comes with crystal healing experience and knowledge of yoga.
You can follow her on Instagram: anusha.m.shashidhar

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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