20+ Dreamy Illustrations That Show How "the Little Moments Are Just as Important as the Big Ones" in Love and in Life

20+ Dreamy Illustrations That Show How "the Little Moments Are Just as Important as the Big Ones" in Love and in Life

The French-American artist takes inspiration for his art from his life with wife Katrina, and their three children.

Source: Pascal Campion Instagram

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on May 21, 2020. It has since been updated.

Love is proof of the presence of God for some people. For others, it's the ultimate way of feeling whole. Love can mean many things to different people, and it can evoke different feelings as well. But, the most common one would be happiness. When we know that the person we love and cherish feels the same way about us, that joy is inexplicable. It may be hard to show what love is but artists and other creative individuals don't stop trying.

One artist, Pascal Campion, has taken it upon himself to show the world what love is from his eyes. This master digital artist has created numerous artworks, which have also been showcased in publications like The New Yorker, and more. In his own words, he told the New Yorker, "I try not to show everything so it leaves room for the reader’s imagination. That’s also why I like evening or night scenes best: you can suggest more with shadows."


He likes to show the little gestures of love that we practice in life which shows our devotion to our partners more than the big gestures. "The little moments are just as important as the big ones," he told HuffPost. Most of his dreamy and romantic work is inspired from his life with wife Katrina. The French-American artist lives in Burbank, California with his wife of 13 years, his 12-year-old daughter, and 9-year-old twin boys.

Here are 20 illustrations that show his messy and spontaneous images with clear messages:

1. The Red Eye



2. Dessert?


3. Buongiorno!



4. A few more minutes


5. You make the chills warmer



6. ...and we were up all night...


7. I love watching the sky with you



8. Summer nights in the city...with friends


9. Storm alert - So..let’s see... Gremlins, Goonies or War of the worlds?



10. Do you need some help?


11. Safest place on earth



12. Compartment companion


13. Home-cooked


14. That afternoon when we played video games


15. Working from home


16. New life


17. The dance-off


18. Wake up call


19. A little cleaning, a little dancing, a lot of love


20. Thé express


21. Midnight amor


22. Even a market is romantic when it's with you