21 Illustrations That Show Love Is in the Sweet Little Moments That Make Every Day Special with Your Partner

21 Illustrations That Show Love Is in the Sweet Little Moments That Make Every Day Special with Your Partner

Many of us assume that love is in the grand gestures but that is not true. Love is how we are with each other every day. It's in the mundane, everyday moments.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 12, 2019. It has since been updated.

Everyone knows the long-running Love is... cartoon series by Kim Casali and swears by them when they want a cheer-me-up. The heartwarming series was started by the Kiwi illustrator in the 1960s and still continues even after her death. The story behind the artwork is as sweet as the single-panel cartoons.


Better known as Kim, she shot to fame in the UK when the Daily Sketch started publishing it in April of 1970. It was later carried on in the Daily Mail when it took over the paper, according to The Independent. The series began as Kim's love notes for her fiance, Roberto, according to the official website LoveIsComix.com.

"I began making little drawings for myself to express how I felt . . . It was a little bit like keeping a diary that described how my feelings had grown," she had said. 



When the couple first started spending time together, she would leave the hand-drawn sketches around his house for him to find. Later, Roberto told her that he had saved them all and encouraged her to create more. Since it was first published, it has been reproduced in 50 countries. 


The message is simple and touches people's hearts with its simplicity. It tells people that all that matters is all the little things that make love sweet every day. Since her death in 1997, her son, Stefano Casali has continued the legacy with artist Bill Asprey, who continues to draw the series.

Here are 21 illustrations for the iconic series to show you what love is...

1. Finding joy in the mundane



2. Giving space to each other


3. Having quality time together



4. Teasing each other


5. Loving the other more than yourself



6. How you support each other


7. Knowing how to have fun together



8. Building a life together


9. Cooking for your partner


10. Embarking on a journey together


11. Having a morning ritual together


12. Starting the new year with a kiss


13. Being woken up with a kiss


14. Supporting each other


15. Missing him all the time


16. Nurturing a family together


17. Being glad for each other's existence


18. The little ways we take care of each other


19. Falling asleep together


20. Comforting him


21. Knowing you were meant to be together