23 Hilarious Photos of Husbands Who Got Tired of Waiting for Their Wives to Finish Shopping

23 Hilarious Photos of Husbands Who Got Tired of Waiting for Their Wives to Finish Shopping

Shopping for some is tedious, for others, therapeutic. For those women who consider it a joy, their men aren't exactly on the same wavelength.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 16, 2019. It has since been updated.

Going into a store, you have a list of what you need to buy. So you go around looking at all the products, trying to find out which is the better value for money, which will suit the house better, what addresses your needs and so much more. All these factors need to be thought about when you're shopping. Hours can just pass as you roam from aisle to aisle, shop to shop.


And because you need someone to help you lug all of the bags around, you grab your husband and get moving. Only most of them aren't exactly as enthusiastic about shopping as you might be. Yeah, they're willing to accompany you and feign interest in what you're showing them. Usually, it's not so obvious. But not all of them are able to hide it very well. As is proven by the pictures posted on an Instagram page called Miserable Men which shows just how much men "have fun" taking a trip to the shops with their wives.

1. Going, going, gone! Sold for 2,299 yen!



2. Might not be the most comfortable position, but it works


3. When he's left holding the baby... literally



4. It's truly a band of brothers


5. You have to give him credit for at least still keeping his head up



6. Misery loves company


7. He's so done with everything at this point



8. He's 70% ready to walk-off


9. How long do you think it'll take before she realizes he's still not looking?



10. Hat? Check. Wireless earphones? Check. Wife's lingerie? Check


11. Can you spot the one that isn't bored?



12. The true heir to the Victoria's Secret throne


13. What if... he just ran away with it?


14. Three generations of men hating on shopping


15. Just how long has he been sitting there?!


16. When you can't find a seat, you make do with what you have


17. Who's the real mannequin here?


18. He finally found the right spot


19. His face just makes you go awwwwww!!


20. "Lay me to rest"


21. Third time's the charm


22. Paint me like one of your french girls


23. At least his head's covered