23 Pictures of Princess Diana Looking Effortlessly Stylish and Graceful

23 Pictures of Princess Diana Looking Effortlessly Stylish and Graceful

She may have had the people's hearts, her sons' love and diplomats' respect, but she was also a style icon that everyone looked up to.

Image source: Getty Images

The People's Princess needs no introduction. Just hearing her name can induce an image of an elegant and compassionate woman who saw the world with hope. But as befitting the late Lady Diana, an introduction shall be provided.

A woman whose beauty may not have been the traditional kind, her charm came from the twinkle in her eyes, the love in her heart, the kindness in her soul, and the rebelliousness that allowed her to provide aid to others. She bonded with the public in a way no one else had. Welcoming them with open arms and treating them with respect, there was a reason she was known as the People's Princess.


But she was more than that too. A modern mother to her sons, a loving teacher to children and a humanitarian to the core, she was the whole package - faults and all. "Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world, she was a symbol of selfless humanity," says Charles Spencer, Lady Diana's brother.

And where people admired her for her dynamic personality, there was one other thing that made them constantly look up to her - her ability to look effortlessly stylish and elegant. Here, we have compiled a list of 23 moments where Lady Diana stunned us all with her gorgeous looks:


1. It was more than just the dress. It was the smile too


2. She was the center of attention always



3. She always had a thing for hats



4. And she carried them with elan




5. Windswept hair, your eyes only see her



6. Even in an outfit not of her own culture, she looks radiant



7. A true lady in that outfit


8. How many royals have been spotted wearing sheep on their cardigans?



9. Like we said, no one can do hats the way Lady Diana could


10. If not a princess, she would've been a model



11. She certainly knew how to dress for the occasion


12. She looks like she has a joke to share...


13. She's a showstopper


14. Classy in pink


15. Be it a formal dress or a casual sweater



16. This was the dress that shocked the world... and she looks stunning


16. A vision in white doesn't just apply to brides


17. The moment you know she was meant to be a princess


18. She's the prettiest sailor princess you'll ever find 


19. The dress didn't suit her... she suited the dress


20. Speaking of suits...


21. She makes monochrome look good


22. A floral bouquet for a rare wildflower


23. Her style was timeless, and so is she