25 Illustrations That Capture the Emotional Rollercoaster Ride Called Motherhood

25 Illustrations That Capture the Emotional Rollercoaster Ride Called Motherhood

Mothers always make everything look so easy. But here's a little insight into what's really going on behind-the-scenes.

Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride that people who don't have children might not exactly understand. It's full of joy, laughter, love, exhaustion, invasion of privacy and so much more. And it's only the beginning. Sometimes you want to escape the chaos that is your kids, but then you just want to be with them — the little beings you carried for nine months who trust you with their life and love you unconditionally.

The feeling is hard to explain but this mother of two, artist Paula Kuka, illustrates it perfectly in her witty and extremely real comics on her Instagram handle, common_wild. As for her motivation for making them and putting them up on a platform, she tells Good Morning America, "My drawing aimed to highlight what you don’t see. I just sat down and drew all the things I might do at home with my kids, when the public gaze isn’t on me. Playing, cleaning, cooking, reading, dancing and comforting them. I drew it in not as a way to vilify the original cartoonist, but out of compassion for other mothers, with the hope I might make something stop and think before they judge a mother in public as they are only seeing a tiny fraction of what really goes on."

Well, here are 25 quirky illustrations that might help you recall what it's like raising kids.

1. There's more to the eye than others can see


2. Just when you think the worries might lessen


3. When you want a baby like other babies but you don't want it either


4. Space is a mythical concept when you have kids


5. There should be a hazard warning 


6. It was more of a blessing when your kids couldn't string words together


7. Well, that's one way to get out of doing housework


8. You just wanted to complain...


9. Anything is an achievement for a baby 


10. Moms are so underrated. Sigh...


11. One of the most difficult tasks in the world performed with ease by a mother


12. You v/s the kids


13. Why? Just why?


14. When you have to play with your kids but you're just too tired to


15. It's like they've got a special alarm system


16. In some ways, better than the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin


17. Easy for them to say!


18. It's not that you aren't grateful


19. Even away from the kids, you can't stop being with the kids



20. I think it's enough with the sharing... just kidding... but seriously, enough


21. The best feeling of love


22. The stages of a baby's sleep from the mom's point of view


23. There is no definition for being a mom. Every mom is special in their own way and always doing their best


24. You might be thinking about a lot of things but the little one only has you on their mind


25. No matter the naughtiness, the craziness, and the screaming, you can't help but be glad they're in your life. 






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