30 Hilarious Memes About Menopause That Will Have All Women Nodding in Agreement

30 Hilarious Memes About Menopause That Will Have All Women Nodding in Agreement

Aging can be difficult and your body certainly isn't making it any easier. The best you can hope for is a bit of a laugh and these memes are set out to do it.

Menopause. How can nine letters induce so much pain in a middle-aged woman who already has too much to deal with at her age? I mean, between the house, the kids, the husband, and the work, it's not like you have time to kick back in a nice warm bubble bath without worrying about someone deciding they need your attention. With this whirlpool of things you have to do, it's a wonder you're still standing upright.

You'd think that at least your body would show some compassion but no. Menopause comes out of nowhere and like an unwanted guest, makes itself at home... in you. And it is not at all pretty. It's also a miracle that you haven't used your knife set for something other than cooking. How come you were never given a contract that stated you'd have to deal with periods first and then this?

And that's why these menopausal memes will have you reaching for your wine and saying "amen to that."

1. If only you could explain the hot flashes to others



2. Maybe it's best to keep a fire extinguisher on hand


3. Hear ye! Hear ye! We have finally found the cause


4. Why did nobody ever tell us that we'd be living all our lives at once?


5. Don't mess with a woman suffering through menopause... ever


6. She is not amused


7. And this is why they tell you to be careful what you wish for


8. Accuracy on point



9. Highly recommended


10. "Caution. Slippery road ahead."


11. The best part? It's on sale


12. The young ones have no idea what's coming


13. Menopause is a criminal


14. Hell hath no fury like a woman goeth through menopause


15. It can strike anywhere, anytime



16. And the crime continues


17. Well, that's the most positive spin you can put on it


18. The Seven Dwarfs just got a whole new spin


19. They just never end


20. When the first part of your day looks nothing like the end of it


21. Menopause is the ultimate "I don't give a s**t" card


22. Finally! The true definition of this bodily phenomenon



23. They should make this an actual signboard to carry around


24. Aging and menopause strike again


25. It's honestly a talent


26. A tribute to all the women who have come out through menopause stronger than ever


27. What you get to look forward to


28. When there's a special just for you


29. When will it ever be enough!



30. No words needed