35 Unique Women's Names That Have Beautiful Meanings

35 Unique Women's Names That Have Beautiful Meanings

Our names mean a lot more than just letters strung together. It's one of the things that belong just to us and has a deeper meaning than our identity.

Shakespeare once asked, "What's in a name?" The answer? Our identities as people. It helps us stand apart in a crowd. It gives our friends and family the ability to call out to us when they need us. It ensures that we have something to help society remember us by when we achieve something. In that name is our importance. As author Kelley Amstrong says, "A name is so important. A surname connects you to your past, to your family. Even a given name has meaning - why did your parents pick that particular one?"

Because they wanted to give you a name you can be proud of, that's special, memorable and which holds a beautiful meaning behind it. They put in so much thought because they knew it would play a crucial part in shaping you and helping you find who you are at your core. For some of your parents, the unique name might have come instantly while for others, they might have debated for a long time before they settled on one. Either way, they wanted the world to see your glow and chose a name that would set you apart from others. 

So if you're someone who has a unique name, look through the following list to see the meanings and origin behind the name:

1. Calliope — beautiful voice

Origin: Greek (after the Greek Muse of heroic poetry)

2. Naomi — pleasant

Origin: Hebrew

3. Abhaya — fearless

Origin: Sanskrit

4. Diana — moon goddess

Source: Canva

5. Farrah — happiness

Origin: Arabic

6. Amora— love

Origin: Spanish

7. Aphrodite — love

Origin: Greek (after the Goddess of Love)

8. Norah — honor

Origin: English

9. Aashi - smile, joy, and blessing

Origin: Sanskrit

10. Faye - loyalty, belief

Source: Canva

11. Anne — favored grace

Origin: Hebrew

12. Blythe — merry, cheerful

Origin: Old English

13. Lorelei — alluring

Origin: German

14. Tabitha — beauty, grace

Origin: Hebrew

15. Aisha — full of life

Source: Canva

16. Magdalena — light

Origin: Latin

17. Batya — daughter of God

Origin: Hebrew

18. Seraphina — fiery-winged

Origin: Late Latin

19. Galina — calm, healer

Origin: Russian

20. Stacie — reborn

Origin: Greek

21. Zelda — blessed, happy

Source: Canva

22. Yasmine — calmness, balance

Origin: Arabic

23. Valentia — brave

Origin: Latin

24. Talia — gentle dew from heaven

Origin: Hebrew

25. Nina — strong and graceful

Origin: Native American

26. Jahara — beautiful

Origin: African

27. Eleta — the chosen one

Origin: Latin

28. Kairi — sea

Source: Canva

29. Danika — lights up your life

Origin: Slavic

30. Divya — divine

Origin: Sanskrit

31. Ijabo — hope

Origin: African

32. Jude — young

Origin: Latin

33. Jaan — life, soul

Source: Canva

34. Kiara — bright

Origin: Italian

35. Leysa — defender of humans

Origin: Ukrainian




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