4YO Says She Had a Conversation With God When Battling a Near-Death Situation | "Thank You for Being a Friend"

4YO Says She Had a Conversation With God When Battling a Near-Death Situation | "Thank You for Being a Friend"

After Zola survived a deadly disorder, her parents noticed a remarkable change in her. The girl who never talked was now telling them all about her encounter with God.

Zola with her mom Brittani Tomic Source: Instagram/Zola'sZebra

If you believe in miracles, you know that there are some things that cannot be explained by the common logic of man. Therefore, when you see others narrate their own experience of such an incident, your belief only strengthens.

A little girl from Ohio claims she had transcended the mortal world and met God when she was battling a near-death situation. Her family is sharing her story and explaining how they have seen a remarkable change in 4-year-old Zola after she survived her deadly treatment. The girl who never spoke much before is now telling them her encounter with God, Fox 8 reported.


When Brittani Tomic was pregnant, doctors detected a cyst in her unborn baby's brain. While she was born a healthy baby girl, she soon started suffering a plethora of disorders that could have taken her life. For Zola, the smallest ear infections would turn to pneumonia. Then came the unexpected fevers. Then came the seizures.


Finally, an ear-nose-throat specialist advised that Zola get her tonsils removed that would help get rid of the sleep apnea which causes the seizures. It was a routine procedure and seemed to go smoothly. A bigger threat, however, startled the family when one day after her tonsil-removal surgery Zola ran to her parents' room in the middle of the night covered in blood and collapsed on the floor.

She was rushed to the hospital and Zola's fight for life began. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which affects the connective tissues supporting the skin, bones, blood vessels, and many other organs and tissues for which there was no cure, only treatment. “For most people, it’s like they’re put together with superglue, their bones, and tissue … hers is like bubblegum,” Brittani explained to Fox.



Due to the little girl's immense courage and will power, she survived the surgery. But now lies in front of her a lifetime of bleeding, bruising, and pain. After a week at the hospital, Zola went home and through that month Brittani started noticing a change in her until the day Zola said something that shocked her.

"And then one day I was getting her ready for gymnastics when out of nowhere she just asked when she can see God again," Brittani told. "It took me back for a second and I said, 'Zola, what do you mean?'" she added. Only to hear Zola repeat the same thing again, "she said 'yeah, when do I get to see God again?'"

Brittani went on to say that despite them never talking to her about her condition Zola started to talk about the time when she died and met God. She also revealed that she sat next to him and gave him a hug. In the video attached below, she can be seen revealing what God said to her.



"What did he say to you?" asked Brittani, to which Zola replied, "Thank you for being a friend." A shocked Brittani could be heard saying, "What? That's so awesome!" Zola's mom also said that she had started drawing pictures of God in her heart.


When Brittani was asked what she would say to people who could say that she is just four and it could be her imagination, she said, "It makes me sad that people would think that way and not believe. These are not things that we have put in her head."

Brittani believes that Zola was saved both physically and spiritually that fateful day and that she has gone through something that can't be explained. Therefore, to honor Zola and this passion she started a non-profit organization called Zola's Zebras, which helps raise awareness and support families dealing with rare illnesses.


"From that day, it's day by day, some days minute by minute clinging onto faith and continuing to advocate for your child," said Brittani.

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