The Venus Retrograde May Cause Chaos in Relationships | Here Are the 4 Zodiac Signs That Need to Be Extra Careful

The Venus Retrograde May Cause Chaos in Relationships | Here Are the 4 Zodiac Signs That Need to Be Extra Careful

Venus retrograde occurs the least as compared to other planets. Therefore, the effects could be unique.

Venus retrograde means that the planet that governs beauty, love, and romance is moving backward. It is a relatively rare phenomenon. Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year for 2-3 weeks, whereas Venus only retrogrades about every 18-19 months for about 42 days. Therefore, it brings some of the biggest changes in our lives and is one of the hardest to go through.

While Venus, the female planet is known to affect our love life, personal decisions, etc., it also controls the monetary aspect of our life. Therefore, it is important to know about Venus retrograde to stay on top of things. The retrograde will officially begin on May 13 in Gemini and last until June 25. Venus entering Gemini will mean unsolicited chaos in relationships, difficulty in dealing with complex emotions and being unsure about a lot of things.

The retrograde will affect all the zodiac signs but there are a select few who will need to be extra cautious while taking important relationship-related decisions. Because they will overthink every situation and there are chances that they might create a mess instead of sorting things out. So here goes...

1. Aries


While one might expect that Venus and Gemini should amplify the imaginative and expressive side of Aries, it could be quite the opposite. You are known to speak your heart in the most effective way but this time you probably will not know what you feel like and what you should be saying. The sense of uncertainty within you could affect your relationship as your partner might think that you are not sure about what you want from it or where you want it to go. In other words, you will not feel like yourself and you will try hard to get back to your normal self. But do make sure that you are not having a communication meltdown, take time if you need, but try not to say things that you will regret later.

2. Gemini


You will most likely go through a transformation this season. Normally, you are attracted to intellectuals or deep and sensitive people but Venus might magnify your fun and flirty side this time. If you are single you could get attracted to someone you never thought you would be and if you already have a partner you might want to spice it up with them or take some unprecedented decisions. However, make sure that the efforts you make or the decisions you take are not something that you will want to dissociate with in the future. Try to talk about your transformation to your partner and involve them in this new and different phase of your life.

3. Cancer


Cancer, it's time you spoke up! We know that you love to have a less-dramatic and calm life but this season might make you totally aware of the unjustified things happening with you in your relationship. You are a giver, but probably you have been giving too much of yourself without being appreciated for it. In short, you are being taken for granted and this could lead to the death of your relationship. While having a mature and composed conversation is your thing, we would like to remind you to not lose your calm when having "the talk." Remind your partner that you are a team and solidify your partnership.

4. Libra


Your world is changing, Libra! And you have got to keep up. You generally like to have a balance in your life but this time you are questioning all that you once swore by. In fact, your idea of love is also seeing a shift. According to your changing perceptions, you might want to lay out new rules and boundaries in your relationship. While this might not be a totally harmful decision, make sure you do not take the judgements and suggestions of your acquaintances into account when making important life decisions with your partner. At the end of the day, it's you and your partner who need to follow the rules of your relationship and therefore only you should have a say in it. Most importantly, your partner should agree with it.

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