5 Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs Who Will Tell You Just What You NEED to Hear & Not What You WANT to Hear

5 Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs Who Will Tell You Just What You NEED to Hear & Not What You WANT to Hear

These zodiac sign share a common value of belief in truth.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 22, 2020. It has since been updated.

Honest people don't have it easy!

They have more arguments with loved ones, they tend to speak the truth even if it causes them harm, and they also may not have many friends. But the thing about them is that it is in their nature, to be honest to themselves and others. There are a few zodiac signs in astrology who are known to be brutally honest by nature.


They will not resort to deceit and trickery even if it could save them from grave danger. Therefore, when you are in a relationship with them as a friend or partner, you can be assured that you are in a safe space where you will get a chance to get insights about yourself and also work on any shortcomings so you could be a better person.

There could be times when you need validation for your actions, but honest friends will only make you aware of the truth and reality even if that sounds unflattering. In the long run, however, you might realize that honesty is way more nurturing than validation.


They also expect the truth from others which means being with them could bring out your best version and honest side. But at times, honesty could be too much of an ask because not everyone has that kind of courage, which makes honest people so rare.

Here are five zodiac signs for whom honesty is not just a quality it is a way of life.

1. Sagittarius 


Sagittarians are some of the most honest people for whom lying is the last thing in mind. You do not hold back your thoughts and opinions and like to be open about yourself with people around you. While you are known for your tenderness, when it comes to being honest you don't like sugarcoating your words. You prefer being straightforward than beating around the bush. But that does not mean your intention is to hurt people. You want to bring out the best in them and let's not forget, lying is not your nature. Thus, many-a-time you might come across as arrogant and rude which is why some people do not appreciate your rare quality. However, as long as you know that honesty is indeed the best policy, you will always have the right people around you who appreciate authentic people and relationships.


2. Aries


Your candidness and charm make you the best kind of friend, Aries. You are a great communicator and you know how to present the truth. You have your own consoling and reassuring way of letting people know what they should do. However, sometimes, you tend to share your thoughts and opinions when they aren't asked for or welcomed. This quality could be a boon in certain situations, but in more serious circumstances this might cause trouble, especially in relationships where truth matters but how and when you say it, also does.

3. Leo



Leo is fearless! And that's why you probably don't shy away from speaking the truth. Yes, you could get a little over the board with your communication but that does not mean that you are trying to cover the truth. In a relationship, however, you only give away the truth when asked for it. There may come a time when you need to confront your partner, therefore, you will make sure that all their questions are answered honestly. In general, you try to be the leader of a situation and you know that cannot happen unless you are true to yourself and others.

4. Cancer


Cancerians are reserved and coy, so you might be diplomatic in general but as one gets closer to you, they start seeing your honest side. Cancerians are known to be loving and sensitive, so while you might tell the truth, you will not want to hurt the person and will not leave once the word is out, you will be there to support them. Therefore, you might only be able to reveal this side of yours to people who you are close with, you are not as brutal as the other honest zodiac signs. But you do understand the significance of honesty in a relationship and in life.


5. Virgo


Virgos can be honest to the point of coming across as harsh and judgmental. And if you are Virgo, you know of this perception about you too. The thing is, the practical Virgo does not believe in sugarcoating anything. Not when it comes to relationships, work, or anything you care about. You think of the long-term and are one of the most grounded zodiac signs, true to your Earth element. So with your feet firmly planted on the ground, you will deliver the truth to those who need to hear it, but with utmost care not to hurt them. And even if they find it hard to accept the truth initially, they know you are doing it for their good.

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