5 Root Causes of Trust Issues Experienced by Women That Could Be Affecting Their Relationships

5 Root Causes of Trust Issues Experienced by Women That Could Be Affecting Their Relationships

Total lack of mistrust is not a good sign but it could be because of other deep-rooted problems.

In a circumstance where you're not certain about how the outcome will be, there's one question that everyone asks each other or oneself, "Do you trust me?" But, what is trust?

It can be said that it's an act where we place our confidence in ourselves or someone special. According to Good Therapy, the feeling of trust is important for a society to function properly. Without trust, fear rules and so it is important for the happiness of the people. Trust is basically a matter of degree that can be altered by what one experiences in life.

It won't be a surprise when we tell you that people are usually very dubious about whom to trust. It's not only about whom to trust, it's also about how much to trust. It all depends on how our experience has been with people where trust is involved, especially in a relationship.

What would be a good relationship according to you? Probably one where there is love, compatibility, mutual respect, honesty, compromise, and the most important thing, trust. If even one of these is missing, you can probably manage to hold on to the relationship but if there's no trust, it's a clear sign of a crumbling partnership.

So, how do we rebuild trust in our partner? For that to happen it's important for one to identify the root causes of the trust issues.

1. You are not new to betrayals

For Julius Caesar, it was the betrayal of his friend Brutus that killed him from within, more than the stab wounds. It's the same for people even today. Betrayal of any kind can break you from within. You can still get over a person after the first experience but repeated betrayals are too much for you to endure because you put everything you have to build a companionship that can last long. If you've been through a similar experience, it is possible that this could be one of the causes of your trust issue.


2. You’ve broken and mended your heart more than once

Japanese author, Mineko Iwasaki once wrote, “Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.” It's true, isn't it? A broken heart takes a lot of time to mend. It hurts even more when the one who hurt you is someone you really love. It's quite obvious that after a heartbreak, it's hard for anyone to trust another person but it's more difficult for women because they don't want to go through the heartache and utter helplessness again. So, the reason why you're finding it difficult to trust your partner could be because of the loss you felt last time.


3. You put others first only to realize they don’t reciprocate the love

You might think that putting the needs of your partner, whether physical, mental, or emotional, is going to make them love you even more but we're sure that some of you must have understood it the hard way that it doesn't work like that. No matter how much love, affection, and attention you give your partner, they tend to leave you and go and that is another reason why you are afraid to trust. When a special one leaves, it feels like no one deserves your love. However, now that you know this could be a reason for your trust issue, would you give love and trust another chance?


4. You realized being safe is better than being stupid in love

Crazy, stupid, love... we cannot disagree that sometimes it does feel so. While some partners can make you feel euphoric and happy like you've never been before, others can make you question each and every moment until the end of the relationship. Heartbreaks and betrayals can make you build a wall to save yourself from another bout of sleepless, depressed nights that lead to swollen eyes the next morning. As days pass, the trust that you had in you starts to fade as well and this, our beautiful women out there, is another root cause.


5. You wore your heart on your sleeve but they only took advantage of it

While some cherish your candor and openness about how you feel, others might take advantage of your honesty. Since you are a person who bares their soul to the one you love, you expect the same candor from them. They might look like they're doing the same but it could all be a pretense. You might have been in a situation where your partner shoots at you his charm and flattery along with lies to manipulate you and you found out about it later on. This could be the reason why you question yourself before trusting someone.


After losing trust, you are like a house that looks well kept and strong from the outside but from within, your walls are rotting. However, recognizing the signs and reasons can help build yourself from within. We're not saying that it can be done in a day, it will take time, but all you've got to do is take one step at a time.





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