5 Things That a Woman Finds Most Attractive in a Man

5 Things That a Woman Finds Most Attractive in a Man

While good looks, a great career etc. are things to be proud of, what really attracts a woman to a man is his innate goodness.

It is sad that most of us work on our looks than our personalities in the hope of attracting the person of our choice. Most women, for instance, do not expect their man to have Ryan Gosling's smile or Dwayne Johnson's physique, but from time immemorial, men have tried to impress us with their physical features rather than their qualities as a human being. We have been labeled as a confused set of people by men, but truth be told, what we look for in a man is the basic goodness of the heart. And a few other things.

1. Etiquettes

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Old-world charm always attracts ladies. Pulling the chair or holding the car door for her, etc., are some of the little gestures that will put a man's gentlemanly qualities forward and she will take note of him. However, she can also tell when a man is faking it, so he can only be attractive when he is being authentic. Therefore, brushing up his mannerisms will take him a long way in attracting a woman.

2. Selflessness

One of the most important qualities a person must aspire to have is selflessness. It is in fact, a very natural instinct that a human being has. A man does not need to be overly generous to a woman to come across as appealing, a simple gesture of putting the needs of his loved ones above his own can make him his lady's favorite person. And generosity doesn't mean buying expensive gifts. It can something as simple as taking care of the kids while his wife catches a break.

3. Respectfulness

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Nothing is sexier than a man who is respectful to others, be it his peers or to those younger or older to him. A man who treats everyone with equal respect and compassion is the kind a woman will want to be introduced to. Kindness and respectfulness are the signs of a classy man and a woman always wants to be associated with someone who would add value to her being rather than making her look like a lesser person. Someone who treats everyone with equality and compassion is attractive not just to women but to everyone who comes in contact with him.

4. Sensitiveness

While a macho avatar of a man might be a temporary attraction to a girl, a woman will always go for the permanent and defining qualities. Caring about things that other men find womanly is in fact, a trait that makes a man come across as a tender and compassionate human being. Being aware of his woman's emotions, listening to her when she wants to be heard without being judgmental and being in tune with his own emotions are all signs of a man who is sensitive and is not ashamed to show it.

5. Emotional availability

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When a man does not express his emotions, a woman remains confused about how he is as a person. A woman only puts her guard down for a man who is ready to show his deepest insecurities and emotions to her. She will bare her heart for a man who is willing to show his vulnerable side to her, and has no qualms about accepting hers. While it is taken for granted that women are more emotional, it takes more than just the woman to make a relationship work. It takes two people who are equally available and ready to go to any lengths to make things work. And that can happen only if the emotional maturity of both partners are in sync.

Disclaimer: This article was written based on insights collated from various sources. The views expressed are those of the writer.

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