5 Things a Woman With Strong Boundaries Will Never Hesitate to Say in a Relationship

5 Things a Woman With Strong Boundaries Will Never Hesitate to Say in a Relationship

A strong woman is a force to reckon with but when you earn her love, you know you will have a safe haven.

Getting into a relationship with a strong woman needs some preparation because she isn't someone you can just walk over or try to dominate. And the last thing you'd want to do is treat her like a damsel in distress. Because this is a woman who has been through pain and heartbreak over and over again and yet manages to stand tall with her chin held high.

She doesn't want or need a partner to make her decisions for her or be there every time there's trouble. She wants to be with someone who will support her, love her, respect her and treat her like an equal. And if you're ready for a strong woman like that in your life, then you can expect her to say these five things, especially when it comes to setting boundaries.

1. "No, I don't feel comfortable taking this decision."

A strong woman isn't afraid to say no. If she isn't comfortable about something or if a decision goes against her beliefs and values, you can be sure she will put her foot down. But that isn't to say she is always going to be stuck in her comfort zone. By talking to her, you might just find out why she wants to reject a decision and that could even give you a new perspective on the same. She isn't inflexible, but pushing her to do something she doesn't want to will only make her lose faith in your love for her.

2. "I don't agree with you, but I respect your opinion."

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With a strong woman, you can expect proper discussions and an exchange of ideas. She has had experiences that resulted in her very own objective opinions and she wants to share them with you. But while she does that, she doesn't expect you to agree with her all the time. And this same goes both ways. She knows that you, too, have your own ideas and while she may not be on the same page with you on them, she won't disregard them. And it's this mental stimulation she provides that will truly have you hooked onto her.

3. "I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

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She is someone who takes accountability for her actions and will make amends for it. She knows that we're only human, after all. But that does not mean she will do nothing about it. A strong woman is aware that sometimes those mistakes can hurt others, especially those she cares about. By apologizing and learning from her blunders, you know she really does value the relationship. But at the same time, she isn't someone who will be sorry for mistakes that aren't hers. In order to show her you consider her an equal, she needs to know that you too will acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them.

4. "I need some time alone."

Every once in a while, we all need some time to ourselves to recharge and engage in some self-care; and a strong woman knows that well. So when she says she needs some time to herself, it just means she wants to take some time off and find a place where she can recharge. She wants to just relax or enjoy some time with those who are close to her. And you can expect that she will want you to do the same for yourself — to do the things you like on your own for some time, and come back energized, with new experiences to share with each other. After all, absence makes the heart fonder.

5. "I care for you, but I expect you to be honest at all times."

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Honesty. If there is one thing she absolutely needs from you, it's that quality. She wants you to be able to rely on her and for you to know that you have a place to call home with her. She cares about how you are feeling and in order for her to help you fight your demons, she needs you to tell her the truth. It's this trust that can truly help make your relationship deeper and worth fighting for.

Many might be intimidated by a strong woman. But very few know that when she loves, she loves with everything in her. She's just got a few boundaries that need to be respected, as she would do the same for you.

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