Losing a Loved One Is Heartbreaking | This Christmas, here are 5 Holiday Traditions to Honor their Memory

Losing a Loved One Is Heartbreaking | This Christmas, here are 5 Holiday Traditions to Honor their Memory

Creating a new tradition would mean continuing it for the years to come, so, pick wisely.

Holidays will never be the same without the one person who meant the world to you. You will miss them, yes! But you know that they would not want to see you sad during the most festive season of the year. Therefore, this holiday season, pay a heartfelt tribute to them by honoring all the memories you have together. Let them know that their presence is still being felt. Add your thoughts and prayers to the holiday traditions and decide how you want their legacy to continue.

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You can also create new traditions that would help you honor their memory every year in a way that you associate with them the most. In doing so, you will create a legacy of your own yet remain very much connected to the departed soul. Make wise and realistic choices as a lot of its value depends on its longevity and how seriously you take them. Involve your family and friends in them to make them warm and intimate.

1. Restore memories through food or decoration

You could pick one of their favorite dishes and make it a part of your meals every year as a gesture of remembrance. Alternatively, you could select one of the recipes that they were known for and add that to your menu. For example, your grandmother's apple pie that you loved to relish after dinner or your aunt's cookies that were a holiday staple. Also, you can add a hint of remembrance in your Christmas decorations, for example, hang that blue-colored star your best friend always got for Christmas, make a photo collage of your best days with them and fix it near the Christmas tree or buy that exact purple color stocking that your uncle got your Christmas gift in.

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2. Have a candlelit gathering

On Christmas eve or any other day during the holidays invite your friends and close family members over for dinner. Light up the room with nothing but candles and share stories and experiences related to the loved one you lost. Let everyone have the chance to share a heartwarming experience or story from their bygone holidays with them. Have a quiet dinner and raise a toast for them. As the night advances, all of you can light more candles, one by one, in their memory and end the day with a silent prayer.

3. Let music fill you up with nostalgia

Music has a big role to play in our lives. In happiness and otherwise, music allows you to connect more deeply with your emotions and feel connected with your surroundings. During the holidays, you can sort out a playlist that most reminds you of them or you can play songs that your deceased loved one used to like. While your favorite nostalgia song plays in the background you could tell you kids or your friends the story of why these songs became their favorite. Alternatively, you could sing one of their favorite songs with your family before going to bed as a gesture of remembrance. In fact, you can also add this little gesture to your candlelit gathering to make it richer and more emotional.

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4. Add an extra gift for them

When buying Christmas gifts for your friends and family add a gift of the departed soul's choice too. Wrap the gift like you are wrapping others and treat it the same way you are doing others. On Christmas eve you can choose to keep it close to you or you can also donate it to someone who has no one to give them gifts. Also, you can add an extra plate and placemat during all your meals to feel their presence.

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5. Help people in need

Charity is one of the best ways to bring peace to your mind and make the world a better place. As a holiday tradition, you can embrace a whole new family through an organization and dedicate time and resources there in memory of the one you lost. Let the process of charity be the same every year. You can choose an orphanage where you celebrate one day of the holiday season and spread smile and love. Help them set up their Christmas tree, buy gifts for them and have a meal with them. It would be like spending your holidays with another family of yours.

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More importantly, keep them alive in your hearts and let their spirit be your guiding light this holiday season.

Disclaimer: This article has been written based on inputs from various sources. The views expressed belong to the writer.

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