5 Zodiac Signs Who Have Had the Most Challenging 2020 so Far

5 Zodiac Signs Who Have Had the Most Challenging 2020 so Far

Whether it's the big things or the small ones, but something or the other could have been topsy turvy. Astrology might have the answers you were looking for.

Whether we are going to have a smooth sailing or a rough ride depends a lot on the astrological elements aligning in our favor. For some people, 2020 might just be more challenging than the others. It probably already is and you have been wondering why. Even when you put in your best, perhaps, you haven't had the best results from it. Whether it's your relationships or your work front, maybe making extra efforts hasn't done much for you this year. It might just be that luck isn't on your side and whatever you are aiming for has to be a lot more extensively planned.

It doesn't mean that you won't have a better time going forward but that you will have to prepare yourself for the lemons that life might give you. Comparing yourself to others, who have had an easy time achieving what they want won't help either. So, keep your head straight and keep doing what you have been.

Here are the five zodiac signs that have had a hard time in 2020 so far:

1. Aries 

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You might be feeling that all the new things you tried were not getting completed because something is holding you back. You might have faced problems even before you started the projects and new endeavors. It may have been quite an unstable time for you until now and you don't know how to go ahead. Aries is usually the sign which surges ahead with their plans, but the last few months have made you feel helpless. It would help if you don't make any new financial investments for some time. It will also help you if you don't take up any new journeys as there is a chance of a small accident or illness.

2. Gemini

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The expectations of people around you may have been very high this year, which makes you feel pressured and stressed. You may have been asked to level up at work and at the home front. While it may seem like a lot of changes at the same time, you will get time to prepare yourself. The next few weeks are going to be a crucial time for you so you can make up your mind about whether to move cities or settle down or ask for a promotion, or more. It is important to not be afraid of the changes and let them happen organically. You might be feeling that life is passing you by since you feel frozen with indecision, but don't beat yourself up so hard. The next step you take will be important so take your time to think about it.

3. Cancer

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This year, the challenges you faced were probably external and internal. Your ability to recognize the good from the bad was tested. Those who don't wish you well may have tried to sow the seed of guilt and self-doubt in you. It is possible that you have been wallowing in self-pity without realizing that those around you have wanted you to fail. They may be jealous of your abilities, which includes being able to make a comeback from whatever hardship is before you. Going forward, you are going to have a better time if you are more cautious about who you trust. Try not to open yourself up to everyone, only those who are your most trusted.

4. Libra

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Your problems this year were likely linked to love and relationships. You love being adored and showered with affection but sometimes you take people on face value and don't see their hidden personalities. They may make tall claims of love but someone vowing eternal love needs to be observed keenly with a closer look. Are they really after love or something else? Take some time to yourself to reflect on the one trying to get close to you and why it makes you feel so bad. Are they manipulating you or does something about them just not seem right? You will have to remind yourself that you are the only person who needs to love you.

5. Aquarius

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This year may have seemed like a test of your patience as things didn't go your way. That's because you may have been unprepared for the upcoming challenges. This year will be like a lesson in growth and development. You will be forced to do many things you won't usually do but those situations will show up over and over again until you have mastery over them. One of those moments will be when you learn to confront people, something you are not too good at. As an Air sign, you are more intellectual and dislike dealing with intense emotions but you might be forced to look at them. This year will be all about figuring who you are instead of who you are in relation to others.





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