Having a Sister Makes You a Better Person, Says Science | Here Are 6 Life Lessons I Learned From My Sister

Having a Sister Makes You a Better Person, Says Science | Here Are 6 Life Lessons I Learned From My Sister

She was, still is, and will always be my best friend and also my first teacher to give me the hacks to living a better life.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 14, 2022. It has since been updated.

My childhood was amazing. With my father working two shifts a day at the factory and my mother busting herself at the salon, it was challenging for them but they made it look easy. My parents never made me feel any less than the other kids in the school, oh wait, they never made "us" feel less. "Us," you ask? I mean my sister and me.


I was the youngest member in the house and it has not changed even today when I'm a mother of three kids. 

When I wasn't under the protective wings of my parents at home, my sister took charge as soon as we stepped outside of our house. It's not like we would never have fights or pull each other's hair, we did, but it only made our bond stronger. Even today, she is the first person I call when I have something to share, be it good news or bad. And she always has a patient ear for me.

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In all honesty, my sister made me a better person, and there's actually science to back it up!

“They help you develop social skills, like communication, compromise and negotiation,” says Alex Jensen, the author of research into sibling relationships per HuffPost. “Even sibling conflict, if it is minor, can promote healthy development.”


Lesson #1: Slow down and live in the moment

My sister loved chocolate milkshakes more than anything else in the world, and for her, there was nothing else in between when she took her first sip of the cold beverage. Honestly, it is from her that I learned how to just live in the moment and take it all in, instead of rushing and missing out on the joy of little things in life!


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Lesson #2: You don't have to be the perfect role model all the time

My sister was someone I looked up to, not because she was perfect, but because she was the exact opposite of that. She made mistakes but she was someone who never tried to hide them or play them off. She admitted to them, apologized for it whenver needed and moved on. She always learned from her faults and made sure to grow. 


Lesson #3: Appreciate even the tiniest of things

I am someone who loves to see the beauty in everything, and the thing is, I was not always that way. I never really understood gratitude, and I only have my sister for teaching me that there is more to life than materialistic things. 




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Lesson #4: How to sing like a pop star and put aside inhibitions

One of the core memories i have of me and my sister is how we always had a good time. We grew up sharing a bedroom and almost every night before going to bed, we put on a show for our parents. We belted out the latest songs on the radio while our parents cheered on for us. I think, that probably helped me bloom into a social person, as compared to the introvert I once used to be. 


Lesson #5: Love, compassion, and empathy are the keys to survival

I confided in my sister a lot more than my parents. I never had any secrets from her. She never yelled at me when I made a mistake so it was easier to talk to her. However, she made sure I was always safe and aware of what I was doing and the consequences that would follow. She showed me what love and compassion looked like, along with some empathy and for that I am forever grateful to her. 


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Lesson #6: There is no "leave me alone" between sisters

With time, the sharing room business began to get a bit annoying. I wanted my own space, and she probably did, too. However she always made sure to walk out or pretend to be asleep when I got a call from my then boyfriend, but I was stuck with her. Looking back, I wouldn't have had it any other way. 


My sister is a big part of who I am now, and I can't even imagine how things would have been had she not been a part of my life. The best part is that I always have a friend I can count on! So, dear sister, if you're reading this I just want to thank you for everything you've taught me. I will always love you.



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