6 Real Christmas Miracle Stories That Will Make You Realize the True Magic of Christmas & Restore Your Faith

6 Real Christmas Miracle Stories That Will Make You Realize the True Magic of Christmas & Restore Your Faith

Miracles don't have to be too big. Things happen around us all the time that are unbelievable. All you've got to do is observe. And believe.

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The word miracle means an extraordinary event or moment that was believed to have never happened, but somehow, it did. A baby surviving an 8-feet fall down a building, a 56-year-old woman becoming a mother once again after years, and even the tiny shoot growing in a barren land... all of these are miracles.

Now, whether you believe in miracles or not, these six stories will make you wonder about the things that might seem impossible sometimes but can surely happen.


1. Baby in the desert!

Ed and Julia Stewart were driving back home on a Christmas Eve of 1931 when their car gave up in the middle of the Arizona desert, according to Azcentral. While Ed was taking care of the tire, Julia was wandering around when she saw an old hatbox, and inside... was a newborn baby girl. Keep in mind that even today the desert area is still a wasteland with hardly any population. So, for the couple to be there at the exact moment is something out of this world.


The Stewarts handed over the miracle baby to the authorities so she could find her forever family. The baby did get adopted and she was named Sharon. This is her.



2. Death... that's for the weak

It was Christmas Eve of 2009 when Tracy Hermanstorfer went into labor and gave birth to a child. However, she went into a cardiac arrest during childbirth and she was declared clinically dead. The doctors had to perform an emergency c-section to save the baby, according to ABC News. The baby had a weak heartbeat when they put him on the mother's chest, and that's when the miracle happened. Not only did her son's heartbeat become normal, but Tracy started breathing again after being dead for four straight minutes.



3. Am I late for Christmas?

Alcides and Edgar Moreno were washing windows at New York City's Solow Tower in 2007 when their scaffolding suddenly collapsed and the brothers fell down 47 floors. While Edgar didn't survive, Alcides survived, as per The New York Times, after undergoing 9 complex surgeries and being in a coma for 18 days. If you're thinking how he survived the 500 feet fall, you'll probably be surprised by what happened next, he woke up exactly on Christmas Day. Later he learned to walk again and walked three miles in just an hour for a charity event. Can you imagine?



4. Lost but found 1,300 miles away

Vonda Lundstrom suffered from the worst heartbreak in 2006 when her pet dog, Daisy ran away from home. The distressed owner searched for her high and low but in vain, reported Chron. However, seven months later, when Vonda thought Daisy was never going to come back, she got a call from a woman in Knoxville, Tennessee, who claimed that she had seen a dog like Daisy, wandering around her house. Guess the day she was found? Exactly! It was indeed Christmas. She was located 1,300 miles away.


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5. Buried in the snow, but stayin' alive

In 2008, Canada was going through a massive storm. Donna Molnar, a 55-year-old housewife from Ontario, Canada, was outside purchasing baking goodies and that was the last time that her family members heard from her. The officials were informed about her and a search began for Donna, reported The Star. Her car was found in a rural parking lot. Just when everyone thought of calling off the search, three days later, a dog named Ace found Donna buried three feet under the snow in a field.


Miraculously, even though her temperature had fallen to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, she was still alive and breathing. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and treated for hypothermia and frostbite; Christmas Eve was the day she recovered.

Donna later revealed that when her car got blocked after a snowplow, she tried searching for help but collapsed. The falling snow somehow created heat-retaining protection around her. Some miracle, isn't it?

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6. There's no tree... oh it's here!

Christmas of 1958 was particularly sad for the Albert family. We all know that Christmas without a green, fir tree is rather dull and to the Albert kids' dismay, no vendors were to be found for a tree. The excitement of decorating a Christmas tree went down the drain for the 3 and 4-year-old boys. No tree also meant that they won't experience the joy of finding their presents under the tree, according to Cultura Colectiva.

That's exactly when the miracle happened. While they were driving back home a strong gush of wind threw a fir tree right in front of the truck. The father found out that the tree belonged to no one and there, the boys found their very own tree!

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