6 Reasons Pisces May Be the Most Mysterious Sign to Understand

6 Reasons Pisces May Be the Most Mysterious Sign to Understand

Pisceans are dreamers who dwell in their heads more than the world around them. They often look like people who enjoy solitude and are misunderstood by many.

Those born between February 19 - March 20 fall under the water sign, Pisces. Stuck between fantasy and reality, they are definitely the dreamers among the zodiac signs. Compared to other signs, Pisceans are gentle, kind and are known to have a heart of gold. However, their urge to slip into their deep thinking heads often leave them misunderstood by many. Though they have a lot of positive traits, the mystery behind their personalities often makes them seem difficult to understand.

Here are a few reasons why they are the most difficult sign to understand.

1. They are highly emotional

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It wouldn't be wrong if they are called people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Having the ability to feel deep and intense emotions, Pisceans often put themselves through a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. While they can fall in love with ease, they can also hate or get hurt easily. Though they have the heart to forgive, it is impossible for them to forget the people who hurt them in the past. However, they believe in the good of every human being until they are tested and taken for granted.

2. They are more of an introvert

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They spend a lot of time in their heads. This attribute often makes it difficult for people to understand them. However, Pisceans yearn for people to break open their outer shell, they hope to meet people who can crack their personalities and thoughts. While it is difficult for them to open up easily, they feel extremely comfortable with people who treat them with love, respect, and understanding. If you want to get into a conversation with them, the easiest way into it is by introducing topics such as art, creativity, and fantasy. Remember, it might take some time but there will be some positive results at the end.

3. They are afraid of getting hurt 

Being caring and nurturing by birth, Pisceans desire for close connections. They look forward to creating those bonds but the past often burdens their hearts. Often taken advantage of their kindness and good heart, they fear the repetition of history and keep themselves away from getting hurt. However, they might open up to a person that is trustworthy, loving and understanding whether it is friendship or romantic. 

4. They function independently 

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Though they like creating close connections, they largely function as a single unit. They love being in relationships and having friends but sometimes, it is a little too much for them to handle. In those circumstances, they are seen to break away and enjoy their time alone. They focus and work on themselves in these situations. Pisceans tend to depend on themselves most of the time. They do not believe in involving other people and wasting others' energy for their work.

5. They escape into their thoughts

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They are creative dreamers who often slip away into the comfort of their own heads. The people around them may term them as disinterested people, but all they want is some quiet time to be energize themselves. They do not mean to hurt people by wandering off mentally but they are just tired of the fast-moving world around them.

6. They desire quiet time 

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While they crave connections, love, and respect from people around them, they are always looking for a balance. This balance means they need a lot of time to think and refresh themselves. However, they do not want their friends or lovers to run away from them. They need people who will promise to be around no matter how much they think or get lost in their heads.

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