6 Signs You and Your Partner Made It Work and Are Finally Compatible Emotionally

6 Signs You and Your Partner Made It Work and Are Finally Compatible Emotionally

Physically, you can be connected and the connection could be strong. But as the relationship grows, it's the emotional bond that really keeps you two happy and together.

"Each of us has an innate need to feel safely attached to another person who will be there in our times of physical or emotional need," said Susan Johnson, according to Psychology Today.

Being able to emotionally connect with your partner might be one of the toughest points to reach in a relationship. It takes time, patience, and understanding in order to come to that stage where you and your partner are emotionally balanced. But you know you've achieved that goal when you see these six signs:

1. You don't hesitate to talk about your real feelings with each other

No matter how hard it may have been or still is to share those darkest and deepest feelings, you still do it with them. You know that you can trust them to guard your vulnerabilities, fears and insecurities the way you do theirs. Even with emotions such as anger, pain, happiness, hopelessness, you share it with them the moment you feel it. Being able to bare your soul without the fear of being judged by your partner is truly something special. It takes emotional risk and courage to do this but it builds a better connection, according to Very Well Health

2. You almost immediately solve issues that arise in the relationship

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Whether it's a significant misunderstanding or something as small as not taking out the trash, both of you take up the initiative to fix it. Talking it out nearly immediately and calmly gives both of you the sense and urgency to rectify the mistake. Then, it becomes a thing of the past but in such a way, that the mistake isn't made again. Of course, there are some times that you aren't able to solve the issue then and there, but one thing that both of you do is never let the other or yourselves go to bed angry

3. You are completely yourself with them

After having been together for so long, you've seen one another grow and all along learnt more and more about each other. Now, at this stage, where the two of you have bonded emotionally, you wear no mask. You are completely and unapologetically yourself. If anything, it's what makes you love each other more — the fact that you trust each other with all your quirks and oddities and have faith in one another's ability to stay non-judgmental. 

4. You know how to accept each other's point of view

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Between any two people, differences will always arise and that's all the more true when you're in a romantic relationship. But now, the two of you have reached a certain level where you understand that you were raised differently and your worldviews are bound to be different. So your ideas and choices aren't always going to match. There may be a ton of disagreements, but at the end of the day, you both embody the phrase, "Let's agree to disagree." 

5. You consult each other on both big and small decisions

You are both equal in the relationship and with your lives entwined, any decision that you make invariably affects them and vice versa. So no matter how big or small a decision you need to take, you talk to each other about it and get one another's opinions. Whether it's about buying a house or getting a toy for a child, you always consult one another. Of course, both of you support each other, but it's the physical interaction of discussing it and hearing the other person out that makes you feel like the relationship is truly strong and worth it. 

6. You can function independently even if you love spending time with them

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You love being with one another, but that doesn't mean you always feel like being around one another. You've both been doing things on your own, long before you started a life together. Though it took some time and patience to find that right balance between time together and time apart, you've finally made it. Now, the two of you are able to enjoy independent time and time together well in a comfortable mix. 




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