6 Signs You Have Met and Known Someone From Your Past Life

6 Signs You Have Met and Known Someone From Your Past Life

You know those few souls your soul instantly matches up with? Well, here are signs that you know them from your past life.

As we grow older and constantly find ourselves incorporated into new societies, we build connections with different and new people. Some of them fade away after some time while others are given the chance to strengthen itself. We are soon surrounded by people whom we call our loved ones or close ones. After all, it took time and effort to give them that title in our life. But then comes the odd person whom you just seem to know, even if you've never met them before. While you might not immediately think, "I knew you from a past life," it seems like your soul just instinctively knows who they are.

They could be in the form of your partner, parent, best friend, acquaintance or even your pet. And here are six signs to help you confirm it:

1. You feel an instant connection with them

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As soon as you meet them, it's like a magnetic pull. You feel like you were just meant to be with them, as if the universe lined up every event just to have you two meet. The bond you have with them is an unbreakable one and it feels extremely powerful. It doesn't matter how long you go without speaking to them. The moment you're with them, time melts away and you can just pick up where you left off. It's an inexplicable feeling and yet you know it's real.

2. Your emotions overwhelm you when you are with them

When you meet them, there's a sudden influx of emotions within you. You don't exactly understand it but one encounter can leave you feeling like your life has changed. There's a sense of nostalgia as if you haven't seen them in a long time but have suddenly crossed paths. You could be streets, cities, countries or continents apart, but when you meet them, you know it is more than just coincidence or luck. No matter how long you have known them, they hold a special place in your heart.

3. You feel safe and at home when you look into their eyes

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When you look them in the eye, it just feels like everything has fallen into place. You may have felt misunderstood and on your own for a major part of your life, but when you meet them, it's like you were never alone. Being with them feels comfortable and you know you can be truly yourself without fear of being judged. Almost like a mirror image, you have confidence in being yourself and the relationship you have feels easy. You could be alone with them, not talk and the silence would still feel safe and happy.

4. You can read them like an open book

You don't have to say anything and yet this person can read your mind. They know what you're going to say or how you're feeling without a word and it keeps the relationship from being strained. And it's a two-way street. You can read them just as easily. When you two come together, your actions and behaviors almost seem in sync, giving others the impression that there's something special here because so much cannot be rehearsed. You don't take this ability for granted.

5. You lose track of time when you're with them

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When it comes to being with them, there is no sense of time. Around them, you're so comfortable that you don't know where the hours have passed. You could meet them every day and still, every conversation will go on for hours, sometimes filled with words and sometimes filled with silence that is peaceful. With them, you just feel so in tune that you don't realize the passing of time.

6. You share memories with them, even if you don't understand them

It seems weird and unlikely but when you meet them, there are certain shared memories of a life you never had and didn't think they had. You might try to rationalize it, yet - try as you might - these memories you share with them of a life before your present one are real and exist. You might instantly remember living in the same place, working in the same office, or even crossing each other on a journey. The memories are instinctive, intuitive, and strong enough to have traveled through various births.

Have you shared this connection with anyone?

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