6 Signs from the Universe That Your Loved One Is Watching over You from the Beyond

6 Signs from the Universe That Your Loved One Is Watching over You from the Beyond

Knowing that you won't get to see your loved one again can be devastating. But what if they visit you from time to time?

Losing someone you love can make you feel like your entire being is crumbling. Suddenly, there's a void in you, one that feels like it will never get filled. Shattered, you find yourself unable to do anything except long for the person you just lost. Unfortunately, time waits for nobody, so picking yourself as best as you can, you work your hardest to move on. Just looking at their favorite book or eating something that they loved can open the floodgates. 

Soon enough, days, weeks, months pass by and you start to feel just a bit better. Somewhere, you have faith that you'll see them again one day. Well, that might be sooner than you think because they might actually be trying to reach out to you. And if you notice these eight things happening to you or around you, it could be that your loved one is trying to talk to you from beyond the grave. 

1. You hear a special song playing at random moments

If you and your loved one had a song that was special to both of you, or if there was a song that you played at the funeral, you might just hear it again. At first, you might think that it is just your mind playing tricks on you. But if you start to hear it when you randomly turn on the radio or it can be heard from a passing car, then it could be that your loved one's spirit is trying to contact you. 

2. You see them in your dreams

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Vivid, happy dreams about them might just be your way of coping with intense grief. But if they regularly appear in your dreams, it could be their way of reassuring you that everything is going to be okay.  William Worden, a psychology professor at Harvard Medical School, writes in a paper, “To cope with the loss more effectively it is important that the bereaved find a way to remember and remain connected to the deceased (without it negatively affecting their life)." 

3. You see butterflies

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According to Garden With Wings, butterflies symbolize resurrection and life. In some cultures, it is believed that butterflies are visiting souls. So if you see some of these stunning creatures, it's a good chance that it's a loved one paying a visit. You'll know for sure especially if it comes close to you or even lands on you. 

4. You recognize a familiar scent

Hugging your loved one would have had you attuned to their scent and it's one that you associate with them. Whether it was a particular perfume or used a special soap, if you notice these smells around you when there is nothing that could possibly have the same scent, then it could be your loved one is nearby.

5. You feel unusual electrical activity around you

Electricity manipulation has long been associated with spirits. So if you find your phone malfunctioning, a light flickering, or the television channel changes on its own, don't completely freak out. It could just be that your loved one is trying to get your attention.

6. You start seeing orbs in photos

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The mysterious balls of light that appear on photos can make pictures look stunning and have been found for years. However, with smartphones and cameras becomes more advanced, the orbs have reduced unless added as a filter. But if you see tiny, beautiful, intricates orbs in a clear photo, then it could be your loved one's way of making their presence known. 




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