6 Special Holiday Rituals That All Strong and Happy Couples Do Together to Deepen Their Bond

6 Special Holiday Rituals That All Strong and Happy Couples Do Together to Deepen Their Bond

As the holidays approach, there are just certain things you and your partner do together that always find a way to bring you even closer together.

Holidays like Christmas are all about spending time with your loved ones and creating new memories with each other. And every family has rituals that bring them closer together, whether said rituals were passed down or newly created. However, for some of you, there are special rituals you save for just you and your partner, ones that only deepen the bond you have with them.

"Both parties have to be on the same page about the relationship ritual being a priority,"  HBS doctoral candidate Ximena Garcia-Rada says, according to Forbes. "They can either explicitly agree on it, or it can happen in a more tacit way, where it doesn't need to be stated... Either way, it's a commitment, and neither person forgets to have quality time together on this shared interest or activity." And these might be the Christmas rituals you share with your partner.

1. Watching your favorite Christmas movies at home

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There's nothing like a good cuddle as the two of you settle down to watch your favorite movies or take turns watching each other's favorites. It's a good way to wind down after a long day at work and it allows you to share some much-needed physical affection. Just enjoying that shared laughter and old memories that you remember together can help you find peace and connect with each other.

2. Decorating the Christmas tree together

Setting up a Christmas tree takes more than just one person and doing it with your partner can make the experience that much more fulfilling. Because it isn't just about setting up the tree that have both of you in giggles with the little pranks you might play on each other but putting up special baubles that mean a lot to the two of you, that's what counts. And placing that star on top together shows unity.

3. Cooking festive meals with each other

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A truly strong couple won't just let one person carry the burden of preparing an elaborate meal, especially if there are guests coming over. When it comes to you both, you enjoy deciding which meals to prepare, aware of each other's strengths. And preparing a meal is not about the cooking alone. There are numerous other tasks that go along with it, and a strong couple that is in sync with each other will have duties assigned for each person and will ensure that they work in tandem to get things done.

4. Visiting each other's extended family together

As much as you might want to revel in the attention of each other, both of your families are just as important. Which is why you've made visiting each other's loved ones to share the joy and cheer a ritual. Gathering with the families together won't just help solidify your connection with your partner, but it can also deepen the bond you have with the families, giving you both an unshakeable support system.

5. Taking a short trip to your favorite places

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Going out to your favorite parks or just taking a holiday to a romantic destination during the holiday helps make your relationship stronger. Creating new memories, having a good laugh and just enjoying the warm feelings with your partner can do so much for bringing you two closer. And let's not forget, there is a lot you learn about each other when you travel together.

6. Going to church and volunteering together

It is the holiday season and not many might have the same luck that you have when it comes to having someone to share the festive spirit and warmth with. It reminds you of just how fortunate you are to have your partner by your side, ready to love you and hold you when you're low. It gives you a new appreciation for each other and the relationship you worked so hard to build. 

Happy holidays!



Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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