6 Things That Happen To the Body When You Cut Down Daily Intake of Sugar

6 Things That Happen To the Body When You Cut Down Daily Intake of Sugar

The impact that cutting sugar has on your body is very apparent, vivid and positive!

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on November 22, 2019. It has since been updated.

Let's face the truth, for sweet lovers, sugar is nothing less than addictive. While we are constantly reminded to cut down on sugar by our friends, family or doctors but our lifestyle is such that we keep consuming large quantities of it subconsciously. Even the healthy alternative of aerated drinks, fruit juices, and other low-fat food items have a considerable amount of sugar in them.

But why is it so important to cut down sugar intake? Because a prolonged period of sugar intake gives rise to a plethora of health issues like diabetes, obesity, bone thinning, cardio-vascular diseases, etc. Therefore, cutting down on sugar is an elementary step to good health and prevention from many common but serious diseases.


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It might seem like a herculean task go on a low-sugar diet but the benefits of it on your body are a prize that you will cherish all your life. To motivate you, here are 7 positive impacts on that a low-sugar diet on your body.

1. A healthy weight

According to the Healthline, more consumption of added sugar is related to obesity. As you start consuming less sugar, your cravings for sugary food items also reduce. Thereby, your calorie consumption reduces helping you reduce weight and shrink inches. You could replace them with healthy options like fruits, sprouts, or full-meals that will reduce your cravings for sugar or junk and keep you full for a longer time, reports WebMD.


2. Lower risk of heart diseases

According to Mayo Clinic and Healthline, over-consumption of sugar leads to an increase in insulin levels and triglyceride levels which are linked to high blood pressure and heart rate. As you cut down on sugar, these levels come down ensuring better heart health. Also, obesity is the root of a plethora of heart diseases, therefore, when your weight is at check and sugar consumption is minimal, your heart is safe!

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3. Reduced risk of tooth decay

'Sweets are bad for your tooth,' turns out this phrase from our childhood days is not wrong at all. Sugar is the primary food source of oral bacteria, reports WebMD. So more sugar intake will mean more bacteria activities and subsequent decay. Cutting back on sugar and sugary drinks will gradually stop the decay.


4. Reduced risk of diabetes

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Over-consumption of sugar builds fat in your body that in turn causes obesity. Fat build-up affects the insulin resistance in your body which stunts the functioning of the liver and pancreas that leads to type 2 diabetes. Cutting down on sugar ensures calorie loss and regulates insulin levels.

5. Lower risk of other diseases

Over-consumption of sugar is linked to many diseases like diabetes, liver problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. When you cut down on sugar the risk of these diseases reduces significantly, reports WebMD.


6. Delayed signs of aging

Collagen and elastin are two elements that keep your skin looking youthful and keeps wrinkles and pigmentation at bay. According to HuffPost, excessive sugar in your blood breaks down and reduces collagen and elastic causes skin problems. Cutting down on sugar regulates the levels of collagen and elastin delaying the signs of aging.