6 Ways to Invoke the Goddess Within and Unleash Feminine Energy

6 Ways to Invoke the Goddess Within and Unleash Feminine Energy

The energy of the Goddess is intuitive and powerful.

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There is certain energy with each of us women, one that ties us to our innate wisdom, beauty, strength, courage, and joy. It is the same energy that Mother Nature harnesses as She goes about ushering new seasons, blooming flowers, guiding cubs and baby animals to grow and learn their ways around the wild.

This innate energy that is at once feminine and fierce is incredibly powerful as it represents the energy of the Earth Goddess. Unlike the far West, Romans, Greeks, Indians, and the Chinese believed that the divine energy of the Earth takes the form of various Goddesses. Whether it is Athena the Roman Goddess of War, Venus, the Greek Goddess of Love, or Shakthi, the Indian Goddess of Creation, they each represent important aspects of our true selves, lists the Huffington Post.


Here is how you can invoke this beautiful and powerful energy within you.

1. Celebrate your senses

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There is a huge difference between being sensuous and being sensual. Being sensual means to celebrate the gift of the five senses—sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch—and experience the world in a purely physical way. Every time you take delight in a pretty sight, take in the aroma of freshly baked goodies, or enjoy a relaxing shower or bath, you are honoring the Goddess. Modern life demands that you spend most of your day in your head—worrying, planning, thinking, deciding, scheduling, and self-talking to the point that even when you have a meal or snack, you don't pause to relish it.


Instead, when you eat a fruit, pause and take in the smell, look at the colors, enjoy the texture, the flavors, and listen to the crunch as you bite into it. Mother nature went through an entire cycle throughout the year to bring you this fruit. And when you respect this cycle and enjoy the world through your senses, she comes alive within you.

2. Allow yourself to receive gracefully

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Women often give unconditionally and wholeheartedly. While this is a beautiful quality, most women have trouble "receiving." Whether it be help, assistance, compliments, or gifts, many women tend to avoid or deflect them. In order to awaken the Goddess energy within you, know that you are worth everything that comes your way. A woman blessed with the divine feminine energy knows that Life is all about balance, and so, she receives as graciously as she gives. When someone opens the door for her, she walks right through like a princess and says "thank you." When someone compliments her, she receives it and takes it in, and often compliments back if she finds something genuine to appreciate in the other person. The more you allow yourself to receive, you are telling the Universe, "I am worth every blessing, help, appreciation, and gifts that come my way." Don't dismiss compliments or favors that come your way. Be gracious and accept them.


3. Be playful and enjoy mirth

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The Goddess energy is not just wise, kind, and strong, but it is also playful and indulgent. Nothing invokes the Goddess in you more than hearty laughter. When you are playful, you trust Life to take care of the bigger things. This ease with which you flow along with Life rather than fight against it attracts many miracles into your life. Like how gratitude is a huge part of all faiths, being playful, joyous, and spreading positivity is a form of saying, "Thank you for all the gifts I already have." Know that the Goddess delights in pleasure. So the more lighthearted, merry, and radiant your life is, you will touch others with this energy. This makes you a catalyst for the divine energy of play and mirth. Just introduce a bit of playful mischief and feel the difference.


4. Create with your hands

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We women are natural creators. Whether it is to create a piece of art, a scrumptious meal, a thought-provoking essay, or turning an empty space into a safe home, we are often in our element when we create. Creating a business, too, can be therapeutic; however, if all that we do is constantly driven by numbers, tasks, or to-do lists, with no satisfaction in doing what we do for the joy of it, we are depriving ourselves of an essential nutrient for our soul. Take time off to work on a green patch, play with clay or dough, play an instrument, or dance freely to any music that makes you feel alive. Unlike the strictly mind-led world, the goddess world doesn't care about perfection. It is about the poetry of it, the sheer joy of being alive.


5. Keep your heart open

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No matter how strong, wise, fearless, and intelligent a woman might be, she cannot embody the Goddess energy unless her heart is kind and open. This is what sets her apart from millions of those who are too strategic or manipulative in their ways. The Goddess is essentially a source of compassion, nourishing maternal love, and deep empathy for all living and non-living elements. She treats everyone equally and believes everyone comes from the same Source. Quan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion, is a perfect example of this energy.


6. Treat your body as sacred

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To invoke the goddess energy in you, you need to treat your body as sacred. It is not something to shun, think as impure, or dirty. Remember that your body is your only true home until you leave this world. So nourish it with self-love, nutritious food, some wholesome tasty goodies as well (food that feeds the soul even if it adds a couple of calories), enjoy dressing up just for yourself, wear clothes that make you feel feminine and soft, wear flowy skirts and dresses instead of pants and feel the difference in how your body moves, take time out to do yoga, dance, or move around freely. Take good care of your skin and hair and know that nothing that is created is vain or unnecessary. The idea of sacrifice or putting others before you can not just drain your energy, but also lead you to feel resentment, unhappy, or unworthy of true love. Your body is one of the most magical machines ever made. The more you embrace it and enjoy it, the energy of the Goddess grows within you.

The most inspiring aspect of invoking the Goddess within you is to know that all possible contradictory aspects exist in perfect balance within you. You will feel more wholesome and feel a sense of earthy integrity that cannot be put in words. If you notice, most Eastern Goddesses have many hands, carrying swords, shields, tools, books as well as a bowl of food as well to nourish those who come to her for help. Someone who embodies the Goddess also knows that the hand that protects can also destroy, yet they choose not to. A strong woman is always ready to help, but she knows where to draw a boundary between herself and those who are unhealthy for her.





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