6-YO Boy Miraculously Survives Being Run Over by Bulldozer | He's been amazing 'Even in his worse pain'

6-YO Boy Miraculously Survives Being Run Over by Bulldozer | He's been amazing 'Even in his worse pain'

Bodie's mother said that his recovery journey will be long but at the same time she is amazed by his positivity and strength.

Bodie Boring, a 6-year-old from Texas, was run over by an 18,000-pound bulldozer. Miraculously, he survived the harrowing ordeal and is now in recovery. 

Bodie had reportedly accompanied his father at a job site on July 27, 2022, when he was run over by the bulldozer, according to KBTX. After the collision, the little one was rushed to the hospital where he is being treated for pelvic bone fractures, two bruised lungs, a fractured skull, a blood clot in his brain, and a brain bleed.

Recently, he was also diagnosed with COVID-19. 

In a positive update, Boring's mom Samantha shared on Facebook that her son may be going home soon.

"Although it is scary with him still having the blood clot they said they will still monitor him closely with frequent follow ups & imaging so that give me a little comfort. They already referred us to a physical therapist & for occupational therapy in College station. He will still have to go to Temple to follow up appointments with neurology & hematology. We are so blessed," she wrote. 


The family also shared a video of Bodie walking slowly inside his hospital room, which shows he is making progress, slowly, but steadily. 

"He has amazed me so much," the mom said. "His spirit has been so positive this whole time. Even in his worse pain, he's just been amazing." She continued, "This is a miracle, and there's only one explanation as to why he's still here and I truly believe that that's God."

Bodie's family has since started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to help with medical expenses. "Our sweet Bodie Glenn was in a terrible accident today where he was run over by a Bull Dozer," the description on the page said.

"He's the strongest little boy in the world and he is pushing through but he has a long road to recovery," it continued. "If you are able, please donate to help cover his medical expenses and time away from work that Samantha and [Bodie's father] Dugan will need to be by his side during his recovery."


Bodie’s cousin Magen Boring who started the fundraiser said that the entire family is grateful for all the help and support that has come their way. “He’s just also been really amazed to see everybody who cares about him and how many people are praying for him,” Magen said. “There are people in other states that this story has reached, and they’ve even said ‘we’ve heard about this and we’re praying’ and so that’s just been phenomenal.”

Here's hoping that Bodie recovers soon! 




Cover Image Source: GoFundMe | Bodie Boring Recovery Fund

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