6 Zodiac Signs for Whom Betrayal Is the Ultimate Dealbreaker | They Will Never Forgive Those Who Cheated Them

6 Zodiac Signs for Whom Betrayal Is the Ultimate Dealbreaker | They Will Never Forgive Those Who Cheated Them

The way a person deals with any strong emotion can depend on the personality of the individual.

Betrayal is perhaps the worst feeling a person can experience. However, how people deal with this weird and disheartening emotion is different for each individual. While some people easily forgive the one who's caused them the pain and give them another chance, others take their time. But then there are those who can never see the one who hurt them in the same way again.

According to Psychology Today, trust is the building block of a healthy and long-lasting relationship and so a betrayal hurts even more when you're attached to the one who did you wrong because intimate bonds help a person grow. It is an important aspect in the development of a person as an individual.

However, avoiding betrayals is not possible in this world that is full of people who are waiting to take advantage of the other one's weakness. People come and go, leaving their marks on individuals in many ways. Either they leave as someone who a person will never forget because of how remarkable they were or because they devoured the carcass of what was left after they broke someone into pieces.

Let's take a look at zodiac signs who cannot forgive their betrayers:

1. Aquarius

Source: Illustration | Photo by Shamik Das

Even though an Aquarius understands the reason behind the betrayal, they don't believe in forgiving the person at any cost. They usually distance themselves from the ones who wronged them. More than conversation, the people under this zodiac believe in the silent treatment. They learn from the betrayal that they've received and promise themselves to never find themselves in another situation like this.

2. Capricorn

Source: Illustration | Photo by Shamik Das

For a Capricorn, it's had to forget the heartbreak that they've suffered and so they try to submerge themselves in work and chores. This distracts them from feeling miserable. All they desire is an acceptance from the betrayer of what they've done and when that happens, they do not accept forgiveness. Capricorns believe that they've suffered and so they deserve the right to not forgive the people who've done them wrong.

3. Scorpio

Source: Illustration | Photo by Shamik Das

Scorpions are sensitive people and so betraying them is the worst idea ever! They take even the slightest mistakes to their hearts since they invest in a relationship with all their mind, heart, and body. Forget forgiveness, they might even plan revenge, and beware... they are capable of getting it.

4. Taurus

Source: Illustration | Photo by Shamik Das

Usually introverts, a Taurus doesn't trust people easily and so when someone they trusted betrays them, it breaks them pretty badly. In such cases, they initially tend to be overwhelmed by the feeling that it was they who did wrong but, later realize that they weren't and do what they think best... move on and never forgive the betrayer.

5. Sagittarius

Source: Illustration | Photo by Shamik Das

Sagittarius is extremely stubborn but they do believe in giving a second chance. But, if that trust is broken again, there are no more chances being doled out. They are great at assessing a situation and would not forgive their wrongdoers until the end of their lives. They are quite happy individuals but not the best ones when they are pushed too far.

6. Aries

Source: Illustration | Photo by Shamik Das

Arians have bursts of anger every time they are reminded of the people who betrayed them. They do believe in forgetting what they've endured when their loved ones betrayed them, but cannot keep their calm if it's repeated again and again. It's possible that the people around them would have to face the wrath of their anger because of hurt caused to them by someone else, but they have the ability to understand that and accept their mistake. Being careful around an Aries would be the best thing.






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