Princess Diana’s Favorite Pieces of Jewelry: Where Are They Now?

Princess Diana’s Favorite Pieces of Jewelry: Where Are They Now?

Princess Diana was a stunning beauty and she chose her clothing and jewelry carefully. These were some of her favorites.

Princess of Wales. The People's Princess. Princess Diana. Her name is enough as an introduction because she was one woman who set the world ablaze with her beauty, charm, and kindness. People around the globe knew the royal who defied the traditions and remained true to herself. But along with her humanitarian efforts and her unconventional parenting style, she was known for being a style icon. She could pull off any look and turn heads everywhere she went. She blossomed under the spotlight.

Having such an extensive wardrobe and many glamorous accessories, it comes as no surprise that Princess Diana had her favorites amongst the vast collection, especially when it came to her jewelry. Though she may be gone, it's those favorite pieces that have been passed down to her sons and their spouses. Here are six pieces of Princess Diana's favorite jewelry and where they are now:


1. Her engagement ring

The Princess' marriage may have been rocky but that didn't mean she didn't love the 12-carat Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring set in 18-karat white gold engagement ring she received from Prince Charles. Today, it's on the finger of Kate Middleton after Prince William proposed to her with it.


2. Her diamond and South Sea pearl earrings

Another favorite, this piece of jewelry was also donned by Kate Middleton when she attended the 2019 BAFTAs in London, according to Town and Country Magazine.


3. Butterfly earrings

Princess Diana's butterfly earrings were one of her favorites as she wore them for the first time after Prince Harry was born. And now, in a touching nod to her late mother-in-law's love, Meghan Markle was seen donning it as she embarked on a 16-day Australia tour with Prince Harry.





4. The Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara

This tiara has quite a history behind it. According to PopSugar, the tiara was first owned by Her Highness Queen Elizabeth's grandmother, Queen Mary. Made from 19 pearl drops and assorted diamonds that all came from pieces of jewelry given to her as wedding presents, it was passed on to the current Queen. However, she only wore it once in public and gave it to Princess Diana as a gift. However, after the divorce, the tiara was returned and Kate Middleton was seen sporting it.



5. Aquamarine bracelet and ring

A five-strand pearl bracelet set with a large aquamarine was given to the Princess during her early foray into the royal family and she constantly wore it in the 80s. However, it was the matching emerald-cut aquamarine ring surrounded by diamonds that she wore that was passed down to none other than the Duchess of Wales, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry placed this on her finger as he did her wedding ring on their wedding day.




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6. Three-strand pearl and diamond bracelet

Princess Diana's three-string pearl-and-diamond bracelet was one among of her favorites and was designed by Nigel Milne for the charity Birthright. It stayed in the family with Kate Middleton sporting it on a few occasions.



7. Cartier Tank Francaise watch

This one held a special meaning for Princess Diana as it had been given to her by her father, according to Reader's Digest. This was claimed to be Prince William's favorite piece of accessory of the princess'. Today, Kate Middleton dons it occasionally.