7 Royal Privileges That Meghan Markle and Harry Won't Have Access to When They Are No Longer Royals

7 Royal Privileges That Meghan Markle and Harry Won't Have Access to When They Are No Longer Royals

But the question is, will they miss these privileges?

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Harry and Meghan will officially resign from their royal responsibilities on March 31, 2020, reported the Independent. They have already found an abode in Canada and are gradually starting a new life as regular citizens. It is commonly known that members of a royal family are entitled to certain privileges and luxuries that other citizens aren't. Now that Harry and Meghan have decided to lay off their royal duties, they will also have to give up on several privileges that they are currently enjoying.


Here are some of them:


1. The $3M used to refurbish their Frogmore Cottage will have to be paid back to the taxpayers by them

According to Insider, The Queen gifted Harry and Meghan the Frogmore Cottage after their wedding which was refurbished on taxpayers' money before they moved in. Now that they will no longer be royal family members they will have to pay back the $3M to the taxpayers. However, it will still be their base when they return to the UK from Canada.


2. Their staff will not be paid for by the Queen

A few of Harry and Meghan's staff were removed from their Windsor home and Frogmore Cottage shortly after they announced their exit. A house manager and a cleaner have been relocated elsewhere in the royal household. A source close to the palace told Insider that "no members of staff have been let go" but confirmed that they have been moved.

3. Canada won't be paying for their security



Canada was paying for their security ever since they moved to Vancouver Island in November but as they officially step down from their duties they will cease to be royals and therefore not be entitled to government-funded security. "The assistance will cease in the coming weeks, in keeping with their change in status," Insider quoted a government representative.


4. Meghan most likely won't wear a tiara again

As per The Sun, it is highly unlikely that Meghan will wear a tiara again. The first and probably the last time she wore a tiara was on her wedding day in 2018. But after March 31, she will no longer be a princess and no longer be eligible to wear a tiara.


5. Their future children will not be considered as royal babies


Archie's future siblings will not be deemed royal babies as their parents aren't royals anymore. Therefore, neither will there be a royal celebration on their birth nor will they have official royal memorabilia from the Buckingham Palace gift store.


6. The paparazzi will now be free to cover them any time


According to Vanity Fair, British newspapers and tabloids have an arrangement with the royal family which prohibits them from using their paparazzi photos. With their royal ties snipped, the couple will have no say over their media coverage and can be "papped" at any time.


7. Harry and Meghan won't take part in the Queen's royal tours

They will no longer be a part of charity or international relations events in a royal capacity or funded by the Queen, reported Town&Country Mag Their last tour as royals was the South Africa tour where the family was seen having a merry time with their son Archie.