7 Things Your Mother in Heaven Would Like You to Know

7 Things Your Mother in Heaven Would Like You to Know

No matter what your relationship with your mother was, she now looks out for you and guides you.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 21, 2020. It has since been updated.

1. She is okay.

Your mother wants you to know that she is okay. She is happy and at peace. No matter how hard her life was here on earth, she is now in infinite bliss and divine light. Where she is now, there is no misery, physical pain, or ailments, and she is free and content. She wants you to know that life is a full circle, and even if you don't understand why certain things happened to her the way they did, she now knows there is a divine purpose for everything. She wishes you could know the joy and peace she experiences in the plane where is no time. Eternal bliss is all there is.


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2. She loves you unconditionally.

She wants you to know you are enough just as you are.You are beautiful, capable, smart, and loving, and she is proud of you. Even if you had a difficult or unloving relationship with her when she was around, she now sees you in your truth. She is sorry that she didn't know to love you better. But now that she is beyond the shackles of her mind, she can see that you are everything she looks for in her daughter and she wants you to know that you are loved completely. Your smile and happiness make her happy.

3. She can hear your prayers and see your tears.

Although she is surrounded by light and peace, she still is your mom. She can sense your pain and your longing for guidance, especially in those vulnerable moments of your life. She wants you to know your heart and her heart are still connected and death can never come in between both of your souls. She hears you when you talk to her. She understands your ache and sadness when you go through life without her. She can see your tears and wants you to know you are never alone. Her blessings and guidance is ever-present in your life, especially in moments you feel lonely. Trust your intuition and believe the inner voice that guides you. It could be your mom's love guiding you from within.


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4. Know whose daughter you are.

Never underestimate your self-worth. Everyone doubts' their capabilities at times. But remember that you survived the hardest of times and came out stronger than ever. She wants you to always remember that there is no love without respect. She wants you to remember that you are her daughter, and you should put yourself first without feeling guilty about it. If you are not sure of an unhappy relationship, listen to your heart. Is it worth losing your self-respect and freedom over? Does the person truly care for you and respect you for who you are? Do not lose yourself for anyone. Do not shrink your glory just to match other's narrow expectations of you.

5. When the time is right, you will have the answers.

You may not understand many things in life. You could have questions about your mom, your childhood, your current relationships, and how people end up in situations and places that weren't expected. You might have questions about life, death, purpose of this whole journey, about raising kids, about good people struggling and bad ones getting away with being selfish. But she wants you to know that you are in the right place at the right time.


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5. Take care of yourself better.

Whether you are a mom, single parent, single with a busy career, or at a time in your life where other priorities have taken over your time, she wants you to take care of yourself—body, mind, and heart. Put your health first. Although you grew into an adult and might have had differences with your mom, she made sure to feed you nutritious food and took great care to nourish your body. Eat wholesome, healthy, and happy food. Do not feel guilty or punish yourself for having your favorite dish. Balance is the key. Get yourself checked on time for all medical conditions at appropriate times. Make time for something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. You might be thinking about your kids, but for your mom, you are her kid. And she would rather see you rested, relaxed, and healthy.

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7. You both will meet again.

You may not believe in afterlife or reincarnation. You may or may not have certain religious beliefs. But know that she is watching out for you at every step. And she wants you to know that you both will meet again, and it will be a happy reunion when your souls meet once again.

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